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Zhoushan residents house not negotiated compensation were removed and said the police investigation -baxia

Zhoushan residents house not negotiated compensation were removed and said the police investigation is mistakenly removed (Figure) Chen Yingjia’s original house here, now overgrown with weeds, and white waste. Look at the pile of brick ruins, Chen Ying silly: how to say their own house is not gone? At that time received a neighbor’s phone, said her house was pulled down, Chen Ying did not believe. "I think the government will always away our house." In order to discuss a statement, over the past year and a half, Chen Ying ran around the local police station, street, district government, letters and visits office…… Until the network complaints to the State Bureau of letters and visits. November 8th, the Provincial Bureau of letters and visits composed of inspectors went to Zhoushan to supervise the matter. Neighbors call: your house was demolished 35 year old Chen Ying in Zhoushan, a police station to do the auxiliary police. Chen Ying’s mother, 61 year old Lin Mingzhu is a retired worker in Putuo sail factory. Lin Mingzhu’s house in the streets of Shenjiamen Lujiazhi Hongshan Road opposite No. 1, 144 square meters more than two storey building, with a courtyard. However, in recent years, Lin Mingzhu are living in the daughter of Chen Ying, the old house rental. In 2008, Lin Mingzhu’s old house was included in the local scope of the takeover, but because of the levy demolition compensation is not settled, so the agreement has not been signed, the house has not removed, and the original tenants due to the demolition also moved here. "Although there have been no people, but there are some simple furniture in the house, including television and the like, some tenants left." Chen Ying said. It happened at the end of June 2015, one day, Lin Mingzhu received a call from a neighbor said, have not heard of you to sign the agreement recently ah, how your house was demolished? "I ran into the old house to see the same day, the people are ignorant out." Chen Ying see the original house only a pile of brick soil, "although our house in the scope of the demolition, but has not signed, the other party also did not notice, how can it?" Chen Ying’s first reaction is to house demolitions, spent 6 years as a auxiliary she didn’t think it would happen in yourself. Police investigation: the house was mistakenly removed in July 2nd, Chen Ying responded to the police station to report. Soon, the police found the perpetrators, a man named Chen Lida, he is hired driver digging machine down the Chen Yingjia house. The police investigation to verify the situation is this: in mid June 2015, the land developers Jingrui Real Estate Company staff call outsourcing engineering party Kang Zhong, to its flat Lujiazhi old farms near the land, and will be loyal to fangkang the Chen Lida project. At noon on June 28th, Chen Lida hired a driver to land leveling machine. In the demolition of other houses, digging Lin Mingzhu met House West wall. Then Chen Lida entered the room and found no one living in the room. From the exterior view and shabby, it has been moved to opinionated houses, need to be smooth, then let the driver of the house of the excavator. For this argument, Chen Yingyi began to feel unable to accept, said the demolition is wrong, why twenty.相关的主题文章: