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Yue Hongyue Donne community director hot shot and partner tacit – Sohu Entertainment candy candy

Yue Hongyue Donne "community director" hot shot and partner tacit – Sohu entertainment Yue Hongyue showed her daughter photo     Sohu entertainment news recently, Yue Hong, Yue Yien starred in the movie "community director" in Changsha hot shot, and tacit partner. The movie "community" by screenwriter director best flying award winner Liu Yanchen pencraft, director, based on real life, tells the story of the grass-roots community workers serving the people wholeheartedly touching story. Yue Hongyue showed her daughter tacit understanding partner interpretation theme of positive energy in the film, the director of community play is a famous performing artist, won the highest award China Golden Rooster Award Yue Hong, the film shows a variety of community director in hard work, involving all aspects of people’s lives, the strength of the highly anticipated interpretation of actress Yue Hong. The daughter of Yue Hong Yue Yien as a law student has to resign Huang Weiwei in the film, but in the end by the director of influence in the community Lambe selection. In fact, this is not the first time the mother and daughter cooperation, the degree of tacit understanding. Two people together interpretation of the community director, this positive energy film, is bound to bring more surprises. Yue way exposes filming anecdotes and mother said filming eat too good to lose weight between Yue and mother showed as sisters, ridicule each other will be nothing difficult. Recently, Yue showed in micro-blog drying out in different periods of two and in the photo of the mother and friends together to praise ", causing all too beautiful". When filming the movie director of the community, the local weather is very hot, but the atmosphere of working with her mother is full of momentum for Yue Yien. Yue way also exposes filming fun, "and mother together is comfortable. And it’s great to eat with my mom." It is reported that the film community director is expected to be released nationwide early next year. This year, by the way of participating in the comedy film "Yue" will never abandon theaters on October 28th.相关的主题文章: