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Xi’an guy stole the cafe owner business fled to Shanxi was arrested by the police (video)-sugus

Xi’an guy stole the cafe owner business fled to Shanxi police arrested the newspaper news (chief reporter Xie Bin) this is the cafe staff on duty during the evil heart, holding the key to open the boss’s office theft million yuan of business models after fleeing. Recently, Wang was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for theft. At 1 a.m. on August 23, 2015, Wang Chao (alias) was on duty at the Internet cafe where his work was done, and the mechanical work round and round made Wang Chao feel tired. Wang Chao from the office staff on duty 3 floor of the key back to the dormitory to sleep, at this time, the hand holding the keys of all the rooms about Internet cafes, empty bleak, evil heart, want to go to the office manager for "". At 1:51 PM, Wang Chao took advantage of Internet cafes 3 floor unmanned machine, with a key to open the door of the manager’s office, from the office of a Green Tea box of black plastic bag and stole 11000 yuan, money will be returned to the dormitory after packing, then left from the fire channel, Wang Chao squandered all the money, until October 2015 by the Shanxi city of Yuncheng province the police arrested. New District People’s court after hearing that, Wang Chao illegal possession for the purpose of theft and theft of property of others, a huge amount, his behavior constituted theft. Because the defendant Wang Chaoneng actively compensate the victims of economic losses and made understanding; and truthfully confessed his crime, has confessed the plot, its lighter punishment according to law, Wang Chao was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan. (Shaanxi Metropolis Daily) Note: video only extended reading. The thief stole the wheel and left the QR code for money

西安小伙偷网吧老板营业款 逃至山西被警方抓获   本报讯(首席记者谢斌)本是网吧员工,值班期间,心生邪念,拿着钥匙打开老板办公室盗窃万余元营业款后逃窜。近日,因盗窃罪,男子王某被判有期徒刑10个月。   2015年8月23日凌晨1时许,王超(化名)在其工作的网吧值班,周而复始的机械工作让王超心感疲惫。王超从值班人员处要了3楼的钥匙回宿舍睡觉,此时,手拿着网吧所有房间的钥匙,想想空虚渺茫的前途,心生邪念,想去经理办公室“不劳而获”。1时51分许,王超趁网吧3楼无人之机,用钥匙打开经理办公室的门,从办公室一个绿茶箱子里的黑色塑料袋内盗走人民币11000多元,回到宿舍将钱款包装后,遂从消防通道离开,王超将全部赃款挥霍,直至2015年10月被山西省运城市警方抓获。   新城区人民法院经审理认为,王超以非法占有为目的,盗窃他人财物,且盗窃数额巨大,其行为已构成盗窃罪。因被告人王超能积极赔偿被害人的经济损失并取得了谅解;又能如实供述自己的罪行,具有坦白情节,对其依法从轻处罚,判处被告人王超有期徒刑10个月,并处罚金人民币5000元。(三秦都市报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 车轮被偷 小偷留下二维码要钱相关的主题文章: