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Wuxi rural teachers will be given priority to the development of the full implementation of county m-nibbuns

Wuxi rural teachers will give priority to the development of the full implementation of the "Wuxi county school recruits rural teachers support the implementation of the program (2016-2020)" recently promulgated for the first time, the strategic position of the construction of rural teachers put on "priority". The "program" from the innovative institutional mechanisms to enhance the overall quality, to attract talented people to the countryside from the teaching and other aspects, to ensure that every child in urban and rural areas to enjoy the right to education fair. Wuxi will comprehensively promote the reform of the management system of rural teachers. All the new teachers supplement will give priority to rural schools, kindergarten teaching, the city’s new principal principle must have more than 2 years of rural school or weak school level leader (hanging) working experience. Title (post) evaluation and selection of backbone teachers to rural teachers. The city will also increase the tilt of rural teachers’ efforts, the appropriate increase in the total performance of rural teachers pay, according to the degree of difficulty in the implementation of key areas such as school incentives. Adhere to the countryside more than 10 years and made outstanding achievements or stick to the countryside for over 20 years of rural teachers, priority to participate in the municipal model, advanced selection. (Ma Wei)相关的主题文章: