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Wonderful school is behind the management way of thinking out of the Sohu comments iptd-651

Wonderful school is behind the management way of thinking out of the Sohu comments recently, Qingdao Binhai University students reflect the school rules are too strict, and only hand cuddle would be punished. Subsequently, many students of the school confirmed to reporters, the school campus is not only limited in male and female students will be forced to donate normal exchanges, county. The school said, the school does not advocate nor oppose lovers, students belonging to the voluntary donation records, such as the existence of the students reflected the situation, will be severely punished. If you do not look carefully, thought it was a high school in the school. Many people have experienced in a sneaky way love high school age, being led by the little hands, for his girlfriend back schoolbag, a pot of boiling water…… A small details to create a warm man, but also left a beautiful memory. Who knows the university there was this wonderful school, love will be punished. The Qingdao Binhai University is exposed in Shandong province private colleges and universities to build elite colleges and universities. As the private colleges and universities have certain autonomy is understandable, the morality, the standardized management is tenable. But the story to a god turning, disciplinary action of various school can not tolerate, even through the purchase of "county" offset points, which makes people feel the school rules, adhere to the principle, are afraid to have ulterior motives. Thus, regardless of the formulation of rules and regulations are biased, or the actual execution time is too extreme, "wonderful school" exists room for improvement. As a college administrator, can not see the trees, not the forest. A group of 90, after 00 generations of students, the pursuit of individuality, freedom and personality independence gradually, the management of colleges and universities should have new ideas and new methods, can’t hold a rigid stereotypes do not let go. For example, many colleges and universities suffer from physical exercise activities not to carry out the morning run, always face soft resistance many get hardship. Some slugabed students even choose to skip class, affect the normal development of their students, the spirit is not good. In the past around the university attendance, even credit deduction measures the effect is not good, forced to "wake up" and even make students hate school. Some universities is another way to carry out the "sign up" activities. For example, Jincheng College of Business Administration Department of Sichuan University Youth Volunteer Association launched a "M°"; "I" "gC 11" activities, a pair of male and female students, each call sign up. This way of working with men and women do not tired, and achieved very good results. To return to the Qingdao Binhai University "wonderful school" on this matter, now the management not only should not violate the students "nature", the requirement for students to comply with those already process, behind the reality of the development of the school, but should think of ways, Mozhun youth’s psychological characteristics, make students willing to accept and follow the school rules. Newspaper commentator Wenlan相关的主题文章: