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Woman posing as police investigators fraud 2 million 400 thousand boyfriend was arrested-noreply

The woman posing as police fraud 2 million 400 thousand with her boyfriend was arrested Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter correspondent Huang Zhenzhen Xiong Wei) 26 year old woman in a blue guest, posing as public security organs investigators, the implementation of telecommunications fraud in Fujian a female victim, succeeded in committing the crime about 2400000 yuan. The early morning of September 16th, fled to a blue Liuzhou, with her boyfriend in the city of Liuzhou Yaru road date, by the Public Security Bureau Huang Village, Liuzhou city police station arrested. September 16th morning, Huangmura police station in the area to carry out inventory work. When the police found a hotel room Yaru Road, saw a man and a woman in the room. The woman saw the police, showing a panic look. Police immediately verify their identity, that the woman surnamed blue, guests. In May this year, the blue one posing as public security organs investigators, to a female Fujian local flagship phone, said they suspected of money laundering, the public security organs to survey the bank account, ask the woman to cash in the bank card provided by the public security organs "security accounts", from the about 2400000 Yuan fraud succeeded. September 12th, a blue Fujian police wanted online. In a blue portable mobile phone, the police found the local police sent a message to the blue one, to persuade them to surrender. Blue can be a fluke. September 15th, a blue from the guests to Liuzhou and her boyfriend in the Mid Autumn Festival reunion, the results were arrested by the Liuzhou police. Subsequently, the police will be taken away from the police to inform the transfer of Fujian.相关的主题文章: