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Why do doctors fear acquaintances hyuna

Why doctors are afraid to see a doctor in the hospital after work, from time to time will receive a number of so-called acquaintances, old classmates call. I have contacted many phone calls, though not familiar, strange number pick up: "you are the director Fan, I heard that you are who you work in a hospital, a little trouble you……" And people have always been small, do not give you a chance to refuse. That day the day after work in the Cory business learning, learning has ended at seven in the evening more than half, the phone rang when I was hungry and riding a bicycle on the road: "director Fan, my Liu Jun, my junior high school students, director of fan a good mix of the old classmates forgot, you should not be so ah. If you have a little problem, what about your department of ENT?…… I will add you WeChat, the film to shoot you, you find me an expert to see." Say the Department of ENT is good. The hospital is affiliated directly under the school of medicine, has more than 1 thousand and 500 beds in the hospital, the Department of ENT is an independent department in our hospital, have their own department, wards and medical care team. But in the face of such a naked ask you how the Department of ENT phone, I do not know how to answer. I want to say, it is estimated to sell the melon puff, too, not to mention any of the diagnosis and treatment of the disease itself there are a variety of complexity and uncertainty. I want to say is not good, but also feel say, after all our department of ENT outpatient and inpatient wards have been many, often need extra bed. To say that WeChat pictures to see the film, there are individual differences of any disease, did not see the patient itself, all treatment did not troubleshoot, no results of other tests, merely a photo of WeChat CT sent to the doctor to confirm the diagnosis, you are really difficult for me. I took this photo to find people Department of ENT experts, estimation must be people training meal: do you have any medical knowledge? Finally, say experts, now three hospitals are so large, usually people in their own departments in all the help, and other departments of the intersection of less and less, but after work overtime study is a hurry home, and colleagues in other departments have no opportunity to exchange. Take me in the Department of Obstetrics, a full four floors, doctors, nurses, midwives add up to more than and 100 people, and now I can not recognize a lot of people. As for those experts in the hospital bosses I know people, know that this is the Department of Cardiology director, this is the eye director, but the director who know me? I was just the most grass-roots staff in the hospital have, my director Fan is just the so-called old classmate temporarily sealed. To more than and 10 years without contact no impression of the so-called old classmates patiently explained, do you want to see a doctor, I need to take the patient to the hospital, you do outside tests if they try to take the reference, the hospital can now WeChat online appointment registration, you don’t understand something and then contact me. Separated by a day and the phone rang, then pick up the old classmate Liu Jun: Fan director, my mother in your hospital, the need to do surgery, ah, you look for someone to give my mom a single room…相关的主题文章: