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Western media at Barcelona Real Madrid to take care of the referee too bluntly should withdraw from -www.xxsy.net

Western media at Barcelona Real Madrid should take care of the referee too bluntly quit the position of Suarez sports Sohu – La Liga goalkeeper   interference; Barcelona and Valencia played Mars scattered, referee Marion C in the game ninety-second minutes in a 1 penalty, which makes the final 3-2 Barcelona at the Mestalla and get 3 points. A reporter and "Aspen" is called Real Madrid exit La Liga, the reason is too much to take care of the referee barcelona. The game against Valencia, Marion C’s decision to let the Valencia club and fans surprised at the door there is a feeling of being black. "Aspen" a long said Real Madrid should withdraw from the Cerro La liga. The game is also suspected Marion C issued a yellow card to Busquets, if Barcelona midfielder to eat second yellow cards, will be fined. "Aspen" reporter Thomas bluntly said: "if Florentino Bernabeu (Real Madrid legend), then tomorrow he should be in the General Assembly announced that no longer participate in the League after real madrid." In the view of Thomas, Messi’s first half strike, when Suarez was in an offside position interference goalkeeper, but the referee still found the goal. This Thomas said: "Suarez was offside can count a goal is a shame, as long as the Spanish Football Federation President Vera is still, we cannot win the championship game, don’t see shit." In fact, Marion C has also been controversial in the history of law enforcement in the national Derby, 2013-2014 La Liga season, Marion C was whistled for a second round of national Derby, Real Madrid in the home court 3-4 defeat to Barcelona, the red and blue army is obtained in the 2 Bernabeu penalty and Ramos was sent off. When the season league first leg, Marion C at the Nou Camp enforcement of the national Derby, Real Madrid lost 1-2, C Ronaldo to create 1 penalty but was ignored, C Luo was cursing Marion C is a coward. But in fact, Marion Barcelona to have an opinion, the referee whistle wind loose, 2010-2011 season, the king’s Cup final, Barcelona and Real Madrid are almost staged the whole martial arts, Marion C is in the final moments under penalty of Di Maria, but then C Ronaldo has completed the Gold Ball winner, 1-0 helped Real Madrid win. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: