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Weining sports pre-A round of financing tens of millions of build community sports industry e-t6570

Weining sports Pre-A round of financing tens of millions of   build community sports industry economic platform — Sports — people.com.cn people.com.cn August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Jian) August 27th, Weining sports announced that tens of millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing has been completed. Round of investment from the Shanghai Palm Springs capital, Shenzhen morning venture capital, Beijing body Austrian power. It is reported that this is the first time winning sports financing, Palm Springs capital, clear list of investment institutions ranked first fortune venture capital, the sports industry benchmarking enterprise "eight billion" super buy copyright body aodongli Angel institutions attracted three top venture capital institutions — the famous sports venture capital industry. The three agencies "sports investment map" covers almost half of the sports venture capital circles, the "capital of cold cold on the occasion, to invest in a company, have to say is a miracle. Weining sports was founded in 2009, formerly known as the "Weining media", is the first integrated marketing agency with a focus on the city brand, sports marketing and industry consultation and training. From the beginning of 2015, Weining sports industry service platform to create the first Internet plus sports field in China, including the media, training, exhibition, consultation, community core module, build a complete ecosystem service of sports industry at B, and has been profitable in each core link, which is almost is the one and only in the country. According to CEO, founder of Weining sports Ji Ning said, the money will be used to build the first service Chinese sports industry B end of "explosive" matrix, creating a clear pattern of ecological integrity "Sankei Sports Community Economic platform". Three "explosive" sports community "lay wealth weathervane" Weining sports industry status of the business model, "Internet plus" thinking deep economic community sports industry focus. The two key points of the social economy, one is the entrance, one is explosive". Ning Ning sketched out the development of logic: on the one hand we want to fully open the online and offline ends of the community entrance, on the other hand we have to provide online and offline service explosion. The so-called "explosive", is Internet plus the era of super products, with all the advantages of resources forces, identify the needs of users, make the difference is extremely strong, come straight to the point, reputation, the product function is good enough. Weining sports with "community + explosive" as the core of the development path, has created a three in the sports industry circle of influential community of explosive goods". The first "community of explosive goods is from the media platform" Internet plus sports ", which is the winning sports online entrance. In April 17, 2015, the founder of Weining sports media "Internet plus sports", focusing Sankei news, business model, business figures, policy interpretation, brand marketing and financing cutting-edge information, to promote the "Internet plus sports" in the field of production by the popularization and development of cross-border integration. At present, the industry has become a recognized "national team sports industry think tank, wealth leader, number of fans, the quality and industry influence in the sports industry by the media first camp. Second "community explosive goods is the industry organization Internet plus sports China", which is the Weining sports line)相关的主题文章: