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WeChat cash charges or kill three birds-luonv

WeChat withdrawal fees or charges detailed list to kill three birds WeChat morning news reporter Miao Xiali Spring Festival Red war just corpuscles, WeChat to 32 billion 100 million red envelopes in each platform "Yiqijuechen", today, WeChat homeopathy has launched the new policy: withdrawal of charges! From the announcement point of view, WeChat transfer charges, but the present charges, each person has 1000 yuan free withdrawals amount, more funds will charge 0.1% of the amount of the present as a fee, the lowest 0.1 yuan! To 3 1 recently and half a month, in order to avoid the withdrawal fee to 0.1%, a lot of people are estimated to be tied to the card! Spring Festival red packets 32 billion 100 million, involving more than 500 million people, will always stimulate some people to bind bank cards! As for those who do not want to bind card WeChat users, or let the red money continue to precipitate in the "zero wallet", and later can be prepaid through the mobile phone card, or in the convenience store and other offline shops to spend. In addition, WeChat to "zero wallet" in this matter, after WeChat has encouraged users to purse money into CAITONG, of course, zero purse money into CAITONG, into "the change of financial management", although withdrawals, or return to zero wallet, bank card, or to be tied to the bank card, but is estimated to be transferred to the financial part of the change to stimulate. For WeChat, the charge of this matter, may also play a "kill three birds" effect. WeChat’s announcement also highlighted: This is not WeChat commercialization, but for the payment of bank charges. However, there have been users asked: if the amount of 1000 yuan with full, to mention 1 cents, and then zero wallet balance less than 1 cents, that system is not stop mentioning now? Is the commission fee charged immediately? There are people Tucao said, if later to WeChat friends transfer, although transfer free, now the bank mobile phone transfers are basically free, but taking into account the other party to pay 0.1% fee, this time may also hesitate! Of course, at this moment, micro channel rivals Alipay is also an occasion to marketing the! Alipay official said: "eleven years ago, Alipay users through cash, whether PC or mobile phone, for free. Alipay in every transfer and cash transactions, the bank will charge transaction fees to Alipay, this part of the cost borne by Alipay, users do not need to pay the additional costs." So, WeChat withdrawals charge this thing, the impact on you big? Last night, after a lot of people heard the news, immediately put all the WeChat change.

微信提现收费或一箭三雕 微信收费明细一览   晨报记者 苗夏丽   春节红包大战刚消停,微信以321亿个红包在各个平台中“一骑绝尘”,今天,微信就顺势推出了新的政策:提现收费!   从公告来看,微信转账不收费了,但提现收费,每个人有1000元的免费提现额度,资金多了就要收取提现额的0.1%作为手续费,最低0.1元!   到3月1日前还有半个月,为了能免这0.1%的提现手续费,估计很多人都要绑卡了!春节红包321亿个,涉及人群5亿多人,总会刺激一部分人绑定银行卡吧!   至于那些不想绑卡的微信用户,要么就让红包的钱继续沉淀在“零钱包”里,以后可以通过手机卡充值,或者在便利店等线下店铺花掉了。   另外,对待微信的“零钱包”这件事,此前微信一直鼓励用户把零钱包的资金能转入“理财通”,当然零钱包的钱进入理财通,变成“零钱理财”,虽然要提现,还是回到零钱包,要到银行卡,还是要绑银行卡,但估计也会激发部分零钱转移到理财中。   对微信而言,提现收费这件事,也可能会起到“一箭三雕”的效果。   微信的公告中还特别强调:这不是微信商业化,而是用于支付银行的手续费。   不过,已经有用户就问了:如果1000元的额度用满,要提现1分钱,之后零钱包里余额不足1毛钱,那系统是不是就停止提现呢?提现的手续费是即刻收取么?   还有人吐槽说,如果以后给微信朋友转帐,虽然转帐免费,现在银行手机端转帐基本都是免费的,但考虑到对方提现要收取0.1%手续费这件事,到时可能也要犹豫下了!   当然,此时此刻,微信的对手支付宝也是借势营销了!支付宝官方表示:“十一年来,用户通过支付宝提现,不管是PC端还是手机上,均为免费。支付宝内发生的每一笔转账和提现交易,银行都会向支付宝收取交易手续费,这部分费用由支付宝承担,用户无需支付额外费用。”   那么,微信提现收费这件事,对你影响大么?昨晚,不少人得知消息后,马上把微信零钱全部提现了。相关的主题文章: