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Warm heart medical staff handwriting paper to help deaf mute mothers have a successful birth (video)-www.dy2018.net

Warm heart: health care workers help deaf children were handwritten paper smoothly "when it hurts, the gas force" "no pain no force" to start the anesthetic, do not force a "good"!!!" "Baby is coming out, come on!"!"………… More than ten large and small handwritten pieces, so that a "special" pregnant women successfully spent 14 hours of production process, become a happy mother. Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin reporter learned that this is what happened in obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University ("red house hospital") in the warm heart of the scene, witnessed the doctor-patient trust and support. The 30 year old Shi Lei (a pseudonym) is a red house in the District Hospital of Yangpu school district deaf husband pregnant women, is also deaf. Although the communication was inconvenient, the pregnancy was very smooth. At 6 a.m. on September 20th, Shi Lei, who was pregnant for 39 weeks, was admitted to the delivery room because of premature rupture of membranes. From 10 a.m. to 16 p.m., Shi Lei’s contractions became more and more regular, from the initial absence of contractions to 10 minutes, once every 5-6 minutes. Seeing the upcoming birth, medical personnel problems appeared in the swing: Shi Lei does not hear, nor speak, doctors and nurses can only gestures to communicate with her, how can let her well understand very well matched again? At 17 p.m., Shi Lei’s palace opened 2 centimeters. Because Shi Lei had undergone two lumbar fracture surgery, doctors can not determine the appropriateness of painless childbirth for Shi Lei. Careful medical staff thought of a special method, writing what they wanted to say, a little bit of communication with her. "Do you know which segment of your lumbar fracture is?"" The anesthesiologist wrote on the paper. The stone Leiyao shook his head. "Does your family know your condition?"" She shook her head. "I’m worried that if you hit your fractured lumbar spine, it might cause nerve damage, it’s not suitable for labor analgesia and lumbar anesthesia," and when you see the words written by the anesthesiologist, Shi Lei nodded his head very well. 3 cm, 4 cm, 8 cm…… Check the uterus, monitor the fetal heart, observe the signs and reactions of the mother, each operation is steady and orderly. After 13 hours of pain, at 19:15, Shi Lei’s palace was opened. Evening is the busy peak of obstetric work, personnel tension, fast-paced, and how to let Shi Lei smooth delivery? The team of doctors and midwives on duty overcame the difficulties and temporarily adjusted the "1 midwives" model into "1+1" mode, that is, 1 midwives +1 translation". The midwife Chunxian side evaluation delivery week side dictation, maternal guidance force; and "translation" Wang Yan quickly write down dictation, "paper + + mouth gesture potential" three combination let women can fully understand and cooperate with. The simplest instruction to an ordinary woman is difficult for Shi Lei to understand and act. "Legs separate, and legs pinch to the baby, the baby is easy to damage."." Write this passage, Zhou Chunxian and Wang Yan and then hand out a separate gesture; "hand grasp the rod, force."!" "When delivery, pain" force "," refueling oh!!!" One side of the Wang Yan Shi Lei gestures to a hand railing posture. Wait until the baby’s head and shoulders before and after delivery, P

暖心:医护人员手写纸片助聋哑产妇顺利生子 “痛的时候,加油用力”“不痛就不用力”“要开始打麻药了,不要用力” “好样的!!!” “宝宝快出来了,加油!”…………十几张大大小小的手写纸片,让一名“特殊“的产妇顺利地度过了14个小时的生产过程,成为了幸福的妈妈。新民晚报新民网记者获悉,这是日前发生在复旦大学附属妇产科医院(即“红房子医院”)里的暖心一幕,见证了医患之间的信任和支持。 30岁的石磊(化名)是一名在红房子医院杨浦院区建卡的聋哑孕妇,丈夫也同是聋哑人。虽然交流不便,但整个孕期非常顺利。 9月20日早上6点许,孕39周的石磊因“胎膜早破”被急诊收入产房。从上午10点到下午16点,石磊的宫缩越来越规律,从最初的没有宫缩到10分钟一次、5-6分钟一次。眼看即将临产,摆在医护人员的难题出现了:石磊既听不到,也不能说话,医生和护士只能比划着跟她交流,怎么样才能让她既能充分理解又能很好配合呢? 下午17点,石磊的宫口已开2厘米。由于石磊曾经历过两次腰椎骨折手术,医生无法判定对石磊采用无痛分娩的适宜性。细心的医护人员想到了一个特殊的方法,把要说的写成纸片,一点点跟她交流。 “你知道你的腰椎骨折是哪个节段吗?”麻醉医生在纸上写道。石磊摇了摇头。“你的家属知道你的病情吗?”,她还是摇头。“我担心如果打在你原来骨折的腰椎上,有可能引起神经损伤,不适合分娩镇痛和腰椎麻醉”,看到麻醉医生写下的这段话,石磊非常理解的点了点头。 3厘米、4厘米、8厘米……查宫口、监测胎心、观察产妇的体征和反应,每项操作都稳步有序进行着。经历了13个小时的疼痛,19点15分,石磊的宫口已开全了。晚上正是产科工作忙碌的高峰段,人员紧张、节奏快,而如何让石磊顺利分娩呢? 当班医生和助产士团队克服困难,把以往的“1个助产士”模式临时调整成了“1+1”模式,即1个助产士+1个“翻译”。助产士周春仙边评估分娩情况边口述,指导产妇用力;而“翻译”王雁则迅速写下口述内容,“纸片+手势+口势”三结合让产妇能充分理解并配合。对普通产妇的一句最简单的指令,对石磊来说,理解和行动起来都有一定难度。“双腿要分开,并腿会夹到宝宝,宝宝容易损伤。”写下这段话,周春仙和王雁再用手摆出了一个分开的手势;“手抓好杆,用力!” “接生时痛的时候就‘用力’”、“加油哦!!!”一旁的王雁给石磊比划了个手抓栏杆的姿势。等到宝宝的头和前肩娩出后,如果石磊不配合或者用力过猛,后肩容易发生损伤,这时周春仙和王雁特意用纸片提醒她,“我们要做个侧切,让宝宝出来”、“要开始打麻药了,请不要用力哦!” “好样的!!!” “宝宝快出来了,加油!” 一张张手写的纸片组成了产妇和医护人员交流的爱心桥。19点44分,6.2斤重的“小公主”顺利降临。小家伙的哭声响彻产房。虽然作为妈妈的石磊听不到,但看到医护人员对她竖起了大拇指,把宝宝抱到她的脸旁让她亲吻的时候,她的眼里噙满了泪水。 “西部地区儿科医护人员进修百人计划”在京启动 (此视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw) 欢迎关注 新民晚报官方微信 微信号:xmwb1929 或下载新民晚报APP相关的主题文章: