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Wang Yi I believe China Ukraine comprehensive strategic partnership will be able to make new progres jinshen

Wang Yi: I believe in the comprehensive strategic partnership will achieve new progress in new network on 12 November, Xinhua news agency, Tashkent (reporter Sha dati) on November 12th, foreign minister Wang Yi in Tashkent with Uzbekistan’s foreign minister Camilo J after the talks were to see a reporter. Wang Yi said, this is my third visit to Tashkent during the year, fully demonstrates the close exchanges between China and Ukraine and the high level of bilateral relations. My first trip to Samarkand to pay homage to President Karimov. Karimov is the president of Uzbekistan’s founder and leader, devoted his life to the people of Uzbekistan. As an old friend and good friend of the Chinese people, he has made a historic contribution to the development of China Ukraine relations. Chinese people always miss him. Just now, I and Camilo J’s in-depth discussions and reached broad consensus on developing bilateral relations planning in the new period: we agreed that the most important task is to implement the results of President Xi Jinping in June this year, the historic visit of Ukraine, especially the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries formally established add new content, open up new areas, new impetus. We agreed to continue to build the Silk Road Economic Zone as the main line of cooperation between China and ukraine. Accelerate the pace of cooperation in infrastructure construction, industrial park construction, etc.. China is willing to continue the competitiveness of goods imported from Ukraine, Ukraine to support infrastructure construction, encourage enterprises to China Ukraine investment cooperation to focus through financial institutions, investment bank, China silk road fund channels to provide the necessary financial support project. China will need to provide high quality, according to the Ukrainian side, and advanced environmental protection equipment and production capacity, accelerate the realization of the industrial modernization power of ukraine. We also agreed to strengthen bilateral and multilateral communication and coordination, deepen the enforcement of security and intelligence cooperation to crack down on the "three forces" together, and to strengthen the United Nations, the Shanghai cooperation organization within the framework of cooperation, and jointly safeguard peace, stability and security in the region and the world. Wang Yi said that this year is the 25 anniversary of the independence of Uzbekistan. Over the past 25 years, the people of Uzbekistan have made great achievements in consolidating independence and national development under the leadership of President Karimov. Since President Mir Ziyoevde took office, he has repeatedly exchanged letters with President Xi Jinping. The two leaders agreed to maintain high-level contacts, strengthen mutual support, and jointly promote the smooth transition of Sino Ukrainian relations and achieve new development. We are pleased to see that under the leadership of President Mir Ziyoevde, the Ukrainian national unity, social harmony and stability, sustained economic development, foreign exchanges more active. Next month, Uzbekistan will hold a presidential election. China believes that this election will be able to successfully held successfully, Uzbekistan will be able to get new development and prosperity, China Ukraine comprehensive strategic partnership will certainly be able to make new progress. As a comprehensive strategic partner of Uzbekistan, China will as in the past to support the Ukrainian side to take the road of development suited to their national conditions and support Ukraine do to safeguard national sovereignty and independence of the legitimate rights and interests to support the Ukrainian side to play a more active role in international and regional stage.相关的主题文章: