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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Voltas is reliable company that manufactures world class air conditioners which are durable and will help you to cool in summers. Voltas make window ACs as well as split ACs. They have a vast range of models with right price that suit the consumers budget. Let us check out the various models the Voltas provides its consumers. Voltas 1.5 ton Vertis premium has a rotary compressor and has energy efficiency ratio of 9.7 voltas and is equipped with digital temperature control and has features like auto restart and anti corrosion body. Window AC comes in 4 stage quadra plus filter that provides fresh air, gets rid of harmful bacteria and also deodorizes the room. It also has a remote control so that you can operate the AC from any corner of the room. The features like dry mode are extremely useful as it can extract the moisture and is integrated with auto mode with 3 temperatures. The energy efficiency ratio is 9.7 and power consumptions is 1850 watts. Voltas window AC price is Rs. 18,000 approximately. Voltas Vertis Platina is a 1.5 ton window AC and is rated 3 star and comes with 2.75 EER 54db indoor noise level. The window AC comes with LCD and has high EER rotary compressor. The Window AC is capable of providing clean and fresh air inside the room and is also easy to clean a well. The remote control is equipped with many functions so that you can operate it from the bed or from anywhere you are even during the night as the remote control comes with nigh glow buttons. It has a bacteria filer, which is a pop-up one and comes with ionization as well. The general features include the timers, anti corrosion body, ventilation control etc. the Voltas window ac price in India is Rs. 22,990 approximately. Voltas vertis Premium 0.75 ton window AC that has been given 1 star rating. This is one of the cheap window AC from Voltas that comes equipped with many functions like turbo mode, sleep mode function, anti dust filter, led display and low voltage start up. Although the window AC is priced low, you get all the functions and features that you would find in an expensive Window AC. It comes in-built with deodorizing filter, bacteria filter and the main features are the energy efficiency ratio of 2:48, power consumption of 1008 watts and frequency 50 Hz. You also get a remote control with it that has a night glow to the buttons. The noise levels 55 DB. The dimensions of this machine are sleek and are very stylishly made to suit the room dcor of many homes. The Voltas window ac price in India is Rs. 12,990 approximately. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: