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Visit the space characteristics of secondary school: student program was used in the space experiment – who can not think of the new network, Shanghai, Minhang, three can have today’s scene. Today, it is a 11 storey teaching building is the Shanghai Minhang school, the tallest building, underground parking lot has more than and 80 parking spaces. Every year about 10% of its graduates apply for aviation and aerospace institutions. In this year, announced the National Youth Temple No. two, the science program solicitation results in Minhang third students to submit the scheme has two high school won the group first prize, 3 won the two prize, 3 for third-prize. The middle school student Wang Ting and Zhao Jie submitted the "heaven" No. two increase in Cordyceps Cordyceps inquiry experiment plan "won the first prize. "I don’t know how the children want to come out of their own team, engage in research, the school arranged special class time so that they engage in research." Wang Ting’s mother said. President Wang Quanzhong said that Minhang is a three space characteristics of the school, it is the invention of the soil to create ordinary students to become "not ordinary". But a lot of people only see the achievements of the three in Minhang today, but did not see the ordinary high school in the past 11 years in the research curriculum. No matter whether the attention of the administrative department of education, regardless of school investment funds are enough, regardless of how small environment social environment, campus changes, this school has been firmly and quietly walk in "the greatest degree to stimulate students’ creativity" on the road, never wavered. Liu Hui, deputy director of the current teaching department in Minhang, is the first in 2006, from the party secretary of the school party in the hands of the "research curriculum reform," the task of teachers in the hands of Hua Huiping. "Take the teacher with me around the school of aviation and aerospace equipment enterprises, Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Normal University and the space detached local" worship wharf "." Liu Hui said that in 2006, the school activities and not now so fire, Hua Huiping find a lot more appropriate than Liu Hui’s science teacher for help, but was refused, "on the one hand, the teacher did not know how this course and exam, how to do? On the other hand, teachers also feel that this feature does not mean that the school, the results are up to the hard truth." Liu Hui was a young political teacher, more willing to accept new things, so follow the example of the space to try to open a research course of Hua Huiping. In order to meet the needs of cross-border, Liu Hui’s office shelves filled with a variety of science and engineering books. An extended course opened in the Liu Hui school, called "Future Engineer creation world", is a need for students to think of the course, is expected to recruit 12 people, the results far exceeded expectations, many students privately grab class failed to find him, calling for class. However, by 2011, Minhang third spaceflight research course has been done for 5 years, but what is not much improvement, such as the teachers of other subjects expected, "as the grades up really". But has grown the ranks of the Liu Hui who insisted on doing so, even if you can not see the results, which will also be beneficial to the future development of students". This year, Tiangong-1 space)相关的主题文章: