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Beauty The new year is fast approaching and with it .es a list of goals: eat better, exercise more and essentially take better care of oneself. And Beverly Hills skin care should also be on this list. Taking care of one’s skin is incredibly important to counteract the effects of aging and to keep one feeling one’s best. In addition, a person’s skin provides an indelible first impression and should be treated as such. There are many options for Beverly Hills skin care, and Vida Emanuel, provides many of these options. They offer a range of facials, including oxygen facials, microdermabrasion, diamond peels, enzyme peels, hydralift, and even a gentleman’s facial, as well as Mesoderm. These options can slough off dead skin cells to create a glow while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, as well create an even tone. They can help promote the skin cell turnover and soothe acne prone or sensitive skin. They can help moisturize dry skin, and also deep clean skin of impurities. As far as body treatments go, they also offer pressotherapy, ultrasonic lipolysis and vacuodermie. Vida Emanuel also offers massages, waxing, a hair salon, body treatments, skin care and make-up services. In addition, they offer permanent make-up, threading, hair color and spray-on tans. Vida Emanuel has been featured in FHM, inTouch Weekly, the New York Times, Inside Weddings, and Fit Magazine, among other publications. Vida Emanuel is open from 9am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday and Sunday and Monday by appointment, which means that they can serve customers with even the craziest schedules. To look one’s best, one should think of one’s skin first and consider options for Beverly Hills skin care. Skin can indicate health, youth, energy and happiness, but it can also indicate the opposite if one does not take the proper precautions. Think about making your skin a priority this year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: