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Automobiles If you are asking why are oil changes so important, we want you to realize that this basic service is one of the most important things you can do in terms of preventive maintenance for your vehicle. If you are starting to have difficulty starting your car or truck, or if it starts to make strange noises youve never heard before, this may be an indication that an oil change is due. So why are oil changes so critical? To put it simply, the components of an engine work together in constant motion, creating heat through friction. The heat generated by this friction can melt the engine parts together. The motor oil lubricates the parts of the engine, reducing the heat. Just the normal wear and tear of driving causes the heat of the engine to break down the oil so that it no longer protects efficiently. To keep your engine protected at all times, follow the manufacturers recommended schedule of oil changes to keep it running at optimum efficiency and protected from the damage of dirty oil. As added protection, a trained auto mechanic will inspect the general over-all condition of your car at the same time. This inspection will help you know whether or not any other type of automotive repair may be necessary right now, or if it can wait a bit longer. Regular oil changes means saving money over the life of your vehicle and increasing its fuel efficiency and smooth driving. Remember: Check your owners manual for the manufacturers recommendations for the type of oil and frequency of service for your specific vehicle. Because we know oil changes are an important part of car care, we are pleased to offer oil change coupons for our customers. Find our coupons on our website and print them out for savings! If youre looking for efficient and money-saving oil changes, contact our ASE-Certified Technicians at A&C Automotive & Machine today by calling 651-674-4733, or go online at (http://aandcautomotive.com) for more information and to find our oil change coupons. Since 1985, our family-owned auto service center has served vehicle owners in North Branch, MN, and in the surrounding areas of Harris and Stacy, MN. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: