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Careers-Employment A newly industrialized market economy of Malaysia has had one of the best economic records amongst all Asian countries. To back a successful economy every country requires a robust banking and finance sector as well. With a growing GDP the country has developed a significantly successful banking sector as well. The country which has recently drifting from agriculture-based to industrialization, Malaysia has no dearth of jobs in banking sector as well. The good thing is that this sector continues to be a safe and lucrative career provider irrespective of all kinds of economic downturns or economic fluctuations. Hence, jobs in this industry have always been considered by a major section of professionals as well as fresh graduates. Origin of Banking Industry and Employment Scope: Since 1970s the countrys agriculture-based economy started go undergo a transition towards multi-faceted economy and by 1980s the country saw the rise of industrial sector which was followed by high investments by some of the leading names of the business world. Soon the country developed into a center of Islamic banking which the highest numbers of female workers has employed in this industry. Banking jobs are thus available in different levels; from entry level jobs to high management levels, there is a diversified range of options for careers in banking in Malaysia. The good thing is that candidates dont have to produce proofs of previous job experience to apply for a job in Malaysia for both freshers as well as professionals are judged on their merits alone. How to apply for banking jobs in Malaysia? Various job portals, job boards and employment agencies offer their services to candidates looking forward to rewarding careers in banking industry. With the advent of various mobile applications, video-marketing, social media .working and sorts, the process of job-hunting has reached an advanced stage. Applicants no longer have to rely on one particular medium to seek for lucrative job opportunities; rather they can easily seek opportunities online and instantly connect with their prospective employers. Searching online is the most effective and most convenient method for hunting banking jobs. However, candidates must ensure they upload their resumes online only at the reputed job-portals such as Monster to ensure their personal and professional information reaches the right employers at the right time. Another smart method of banking impressive jobs in this industry is via virtual job fairs. Instead of attending traditional job fairs it is advisable to get associated with virtual ones for they help one discover much more lucrative opportunities without having to spend on time and effort. Candidates can also make job-hunting fun by the usage of applications such as Be Known on Facebook. The process of hunting for banking jobs in the country can be a lot more convenient when travelers use the right mediums and they manage to make the optimum usage of the opportunities at hand. 。

Chronic-Illness Nobody should lose their life or the life of a loved one to Asthma but sadly it happens. Each year, more than 4000 people do exactly that with the number rising each year. Here’s 15 things about Asthma you need to know. Stay Away From The Smokers : Or at the very minimum, avoid rooms full of cigarette smoke. If someone in the home smokes, it’s best if they are going to continue smoking to at least take it outside as the smoke can make the condition worse, especially for kids. Put Another Log on The Fire , NOT: Same as cigarette smoke, a wood burning fireplace puts particles into the air which may further antagonize your asthma and lead to an attack. At the very lease, make sure your fireplace or stove is in good repair, air tight and everything is clean so nothing bothersome to your Asthma backs up into the room. No Big Snacks Before Bedtime : Going to bed before allowing an adequate time for digestion can lead to an unwel.e visit of an Asthma attack. Especially important if you are one of those unlucky souls that battle with acid reflux as this can allow the stomachs fluids to back up and into your air way. You may try elevating your bed slightly and chew an antacid before calling it a night to help reduce the troubles caused from acid reflux. Enjoy The Winter Through Your Window : Bitter cold air is a punishment waiting to happen. As nice as it may be to go out and throw snowballs at your unsuspecting friends and neighbors, those bitter cold days are best enjoyed from the .fort of your own home. Bring On The Snowball Ambush : Ok, so you’ve sat in the window drinking hot chocolate for hours and just can’t stand staying away from the raging snowball battle that is in full effect just outside of your perimeter and you feel it is your duty to .e to the aid of your brave .padres. As you precisely gear up in battle attire that would pass any military inspection, don’t your most important weapon in the battle against Asthma, a scarf. Wrapping your nose and mouth keeps you from breathing the cold air directly and the air you are breathing has been warmed by your breath. Sell Everything And Move : You’ve heard this before, move to a dry, warm climate like Arizona and live out the rest of your life taking in the painted pastel colors nature paints across the sky every evening for those Asthma sufferers that have been sentenced to live out their lives far, far away from everything they know and love. Now, unless you just want to get away from things, it is unnecessary to uproot and move across the country. While many years ago, the air was of a better quality than it is now and it your asthmatic condition may even be made worse there in some cases. Correctly Adjust Your Cars A/C Settings : Placing the setting on recirculation rather than outside air can help keep the pollens and other asthma triggers out of your car where it belongs. Shorten Your Grocery Shopping List : Certain foods are known to aggravate asthma symptoms, some of these foods are eggs, milk, seafood and nuts. If you feel these .mon foods may contribute to your asthma condition, try removing them from the menu and see if your condition improves. Let Someone Else Do The Cooking : It’s not even necessary to eat these foods to bring on an asthma attack, just smelling the foods as they are cooking can be enough to trigger a reaction. You may be one of these people who enjoy cooking and can’t stand the thought of this. Several conditions have been mentioned before this point and more will be brought up later in this article. Not all of them may apply to your specific asthmatic condition. Pay attention to what you are doing and what is going on around you when an attack .es on. If you will take notes, a pattern may emerge and you will be more effective in controlling those contributing conditions. Buy A Smaller Salt Shaker : If you’ve read through any other articles for other health problems people face, you may have started to notice by now that salt seems to keep popping up. While it certainly tastes great on a cold slice of watermelon among other things, salt could prove to be deadly to asthma sufferers. Studies have shown a significant relation between the amount of salt consumed and those that suffered fatal asthmatic incidents. Avoid Certain Food Additives : Two additives in particular, metabisulfite and quite possibly MSG (Monosodium glutamate) can bring on an asthma attack. It’s .mon to find metabisulfite in shrimp, wine, beer and dried fruits. When dining out, you should ask your server whether MSG or metabisulfite as been added in food preparation, if it has, alert them to the fact that you are asthmatic and ask that it not be added to your meal. Beware Of Aspirin : Asthma sufferers with polyps and sinusitis should avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen or aspirin, these can make your asthma much worse and possibly even cause death. This sensitivity to aspirin can just suddenly develop so it’s best to be on the safe and opt for an acetaminophen based product instead. Be Sure To Correctly Use Your Inhaler : Make sure you fully understand how to use your inhaler to receive maximum benefit of the medication. You should be holding the inhaler about an inch from your mouth and while taking a deep breath spray the inhaler. Continue taking in your breath after receiving your dose and then keep the dose in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling. You should not see any mist from the inhaler in your exhale. Have A Hot Cup Of Java : If you ever find yourself in the position of not having your inhaler with you at a time you feel an asthma attack is imminent you should try and locate yourself a cup of coffee as quickly as possible. Allergists suggest a couple cups of strong coffee may help prevent the attack. Alternatively, you could take caffeine pills if they are more readily available, most pharmacies stock these supplements. While caffeine should not be considered a reliable substitute for your inhaler, caffeine and the asthma medication, Theophylline are nearly identical. Other known sources of caffeine strong enough to allow time to get to your medication are chocolate bars and hot chocolate. Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin B6 : Studies have shown that taking approx 50mg of B6 daily can aid in the reduction of the severity in asthma attacks. Though 50mg of B6 is considered a safe dosage, it is always advised that you consult with your Dr before starting any supplement regimen. As I’ve stated above, Asthma tends to leave a trail of crumbs which you should be able to follow to it’s source. Rare is the case where Asthma simply appears from nowhere for no apparent reason. Keeping a log of attacks and making a note of anything that may have contributed to the attack can help you work to prevent future occurances by eliminating the sources. 。