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UK Championship analysis Newport hot trust – Sohu made a-sweets parade

UK Championship analysis: Newport hot trust – Sohu made a UK Championship: Newport VS AFC Wimbledon game time: 2016. 11.09 Wednesday 03:45 asian handicap: 0.80 Newport -0.5 AFC Wimbledon 1.05 index: 3.60 3.50 2 European Prospective events: Wednesday morning League is the mainstream off, replaced by the British championships as the focus event week in the South division battle even, Newport both in the league or the British Championships are poor play, first in the football league, this season has only won 2 wins, leading the team in the standings countdown to the first, and in the UK championship battle group and two defeats, the team has been unable to avoid out of Newport. For the next UK Championship is probably not fighting; while AFC is the season league one Wimbledon championship, but by Play by team sound, now has a firm in League one in the middle, at the same time in the UK Championship scored 6 points, ranked first in the group, at Wimbledon throughout the team morale, the struggling in the face Newport is confident. Analysis of ball handicap: AFC Wimbledon think-tank institutions make guest Let the hemisphere ", because the southern group events near the end, both sides of its ranking has a clear anticipation, so the two war is relatively low, although most of the mechanism on the plate water level is high, the biased but I think the footwall is deliberately making high institutions the hydraulic resistance, thereby blocking on capital inflows, and Europe refers to the guest guest is generally low, get the data behind, this might support the visitors win. SMG recommended: 0 disc recommended: AFC Wimbledon (-0.5)

英锦赛分析:下盘造热 纽波特不可轻信-搜狐  英锦赛: 纽波特 VS AFC温布尔顿   比赛时间:2016. 11.09 星期三 03:45   亚洲盘口:0.80 纽波特 -0.5 AFC温布尔顿 1.05   欧洲指数:3.60 3.50 2.00   赛事前瞻:   周三凌晨主流联赛基本是熄火了,改由英锦赛为周中焦点赛事,其中南赛区激战连场,纽波特无论在联赛还是英锦赛都发挥欠佳,首先在英乙联赛,本赛季开赛至今仅获2胜,导致球队在积分榜倒数第一,而在英锦赛小组战又是两战皆负,小组出局已经无法避免,纽波特对于接下来的英锦赛恐怕也是无意恋战;虽然AFC温布尔登是本赛季英甲升班马,但凭借球队稳健的发挥,现时已经站稳在英甲中游,同时在英锦赛中斩获6分排在小组第一,目前温布尔登全队上下士气正旺,本次面对弱旅纽波特可谓信心十足。   球智库盘口分析:   机构为AFC温布尔登做出客让半球的初盘,由于南区小组赛事接近尾声,双方对自身排名已经有了明确的预判,所以本次两队战意相对偏低,尽管目前大部分机构上盘水位高企,盘面偏向下盘,但笔者认为机构是刻意制造高水力阻,从而阻挡上盘资金流入,而且欧指客胜普遍偏低,客胜得到数据力挺,此役不妨力挺客队胜出。   竞彩推荐:0   亚盘推荐:AFC温布尔顿(-0.5)相关的主题文章: