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Typhoon Meranti struck Quanzhou staged a special Mid Autumn Festival – Beijing www.678rt.com

Typhoon "Meranti" struck Quanzhou staged a special Mid Autumn Festival – Beijing, Beijing, Quanzhou, September 15, (Liao Jing) 15, in Fujian gold town of Jinjiang Weitou village provincial emergency relief resettlement point Shenzhen from Fujian middle school, Ningde more than and 50 year old fisherman surnamed Bian a family of 5 people are happy to watch TV but, outside of the typhoon "Meranti" is roaring, with the wind take rain raging along the coast of Fujian. Fujian Quanzhou fire brigade squadron of police fortress North back, see pregnant women hard to walk through the water, quickly find the bucket, the women to a fire truck, a whistle sent to Quanzhou 180 hospital. The fire for the fourteenth typhoon this year, "Meranti" is known as the strongest typhoon this year, at 15 am in the Fujian Xiamen Xiangan coastal landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 15. The typhoon Chinese day coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, because the "Meranti" spoiler, appeared different from the special circumstances in previous years. 14, about 15, due to consider the typhoon coincides with astronomical tide, a group of fishermen were placed in advance. It is reported that from Jinjing Weitou, Liu Jiang and other coastal fish more than 130 farmers were placed in Shenzhen middle school and other surrounding small settlements. Wai Wai border police station Deputy instructor Cai Shaorong told reporters, in order to prevent anti typhoon, has placed more than 400 fishermen, difficult masses. The Mid Autumn Festival, these people in the emergency placement point also experienced a different mid autumn festival. In Shenzhen middle school, the students have a holiday because of the typhoon, a huge campus, due to the arrival of the fishermen home full of laughter. "More than and 100 people to watch the Mid Autumn Festival Show", for them, but also the first. These settlements are emergency standby, ready for full, every meal in addition to three meat and two vegetarian, each also can be divided into a cake; in order to prevent emergencies, settlements also prepared ahead of mineral water, bread, noodles and other emergency food, so in the settlements, more and more people are quietly waiting a typhoon. Flash floods chongta wall suddenly hit Fujian Anxi Wei Yang a villager’s left leg lead to fracture, Quanzhou high-speed traffic police to open the highway Easy Access, quickly opened the police car to Wei Yang tunnel collusion, and escort it to Anxi Lake hospital. The traffic police for map Qi storm hit Fujian, a lot of people because of air, sea and land transport disruptions, could not be home for the holidays, only in the circle of friends "wish my family a happy mid autumn festival". The same day, from Huian white-collar Chen Fangmei couldn’t go home, because the typhoon is too strong, the highway road home, all kinds of traffic facilities have outage, she can only rent the room with a roommate makeshift meal. But she is still concerned about the weather, hoping to catch up. From the morning to the afternoon, she brushed the phone from time to time to see the weather, but in the face of the wind and rain in the end, she can only give parents a phone call peace. In front of the line, after 90, the police also rushed to the rescue side of a friend in the circle of friends made a Happy Mid Autumn Festival information. It is understood that the rescue of pregnant women, rescue trapped people, repair roads…… Quanzhou in order to cope with the typhoon, fire, police, highways and other departments in line. )相关的主题文章: