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Two county Party Secretary an overbearing end frame, an easy-going polite aspack

Two county Party Secretary: an overbearing end frame, an easy-going polite Author: Tang Guangxiong read "not Mandarin" tweets "is the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, the reception of the gaps so big? ", deep feelings. This article is written from the perspective of the reception, but in fact, the receptionist also has a story. Here is the story I tell before he served as party secretary. In order to facilitate the narrative, we put the former secretary called for Security Secretary, served as secretary of the horse (any similarity is purely coincidental, no good.). In the eyes of many subordinates, Ann is secretary of high-profile talk is often ruthless, overbearing, bossy, regardless of time and occasion to criticism on the criticism. Is the superior, is arrogant. In addition to the party secretary and mayor "presence", he will be accompanied by other municipal leaders, Secretary ANN is rarely seen, deputy secretary of the county magistrate, let out the reception. There is a city group to check the County inspection work, is led by a Municipal Committee and a deputy mayor, can be described as a strong team. But Ann secretary from first to last did not appear, when work report, the county magistrate explained again and again: "what an interim secretary, not to accompany leaders, also please leadership." Municipal Committee impatiently said: "know, know." For a long time, many superiors are accustomed to, only one city, vice chairman of the CPPCC have soared. The vice chairman of the county in the early years when the county magistrate, open research forum, he asked the county CPPCC Chairman: "where did you go? My level is higher than him, and was the county’s old leader, said he is not accompanied by a face to see a face, okay! He is holding the shelf, does not appear, what is this? Ah?" County CPPCC Chairman can not get the words. Security Secretary so arrogant, of course is emboldened. There is a performance, received many provinces to Beijing, to the leadership, including a number of provincial and ministerial leaders, are certainly an secretary work. He led large contact more, for their half level leadership is not how much. Two there is a background, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee is personally promoted. Everyone said, this is only a temporary security secretary level, department level is not a dream. Sure enough, a few years time, Ann became the Secretary of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor, is making a lot of style convergence. When the superiors to come, he can keep online, rather than moving is a stealth do not disturb the state. Security Secretary promotion, Secretary Ma succession. The horse is also a former Secretary of the county magistrate, the impression is warm and easy-going, quite popular. When the county Party Secretary, there is no change. Superiors to come, as long as he is in the county, will be accompanied by. Don’t say the municipal leadership, is on the overall situation (such as the Bureau of finance, development and Reform Commission, traffic bureau) a deputy secretary of the horse are as if not accompanied by etiquette, and participants, will also make a telephone call to ask a good sound hard. A deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress said: "do not love to stand before the county, the stock pulled Secretary an appearance, he now when standing, I dare to say so. We were all in officialdom, even a basic courtesy are not. Now)相关的主题文章: