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Top Things To Do During Your Trip To Saigon (ho Chi Minh City)-musiland

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Head out to Cu Chi Enjoy viewing the historic tunnels of Cu Chi that is located in the outskirts of the Ho Chi Minh City. During the Vietnam War, these vast .works of tunnels underground were used by many military campaigns as their location. This site is most visited by tourists to the city where they can try their hand in firing rounds from the weaponry abandoned by the American military forces. But since the firing is kept within the safe limits there is nothing to be worried about that. Go on a Boat Trip around the city Take a boat trip to enjoy the view of the city and head into the centre of the city. There are many high rise luxury hotels situated in the city centre and from there head down to the Saigon river. The place is famous for the floating restaurants that operate here every night at around 8 pm. Take a ride on any of the restaurants to sail along the river. The floating restaurants offer an unlimited entertainment more than just the good food and karaoke. Hence you can enjoy the whole evening here and is something that is not to be missed on your trip. Take a visit to the Ben Thanh Market The huge indoor market of the Ho Chi Minh City is the Ben Thanh Market that must surely be visited on your trip to Vietnam. You must only see the market for yourself to believe how huge the market is.The Ben Thanh market was built by the French during the their colonization in the place which now happens to be the home to a huge number of stalls that sell food, furniture, textile and house ware items. The things sold here are very unique and fashionable ones and you might get whatever you need from the market. Visit the stalls in the market and sharpen your bargaining skills to get a good deal of the items sold here. Tour to the Pagoda There are many pagodas in the city of Ho Chi Minh that are magnificent and spectacular in appearance. They are open to be visited by the tourists from all parts of the world. So you walk around in the places barefoot and burn incense sticks. Some of the popular pagodas in the city that are worth to take a visit are the Hoi Son, which is located on Quit Hill and is known to be a National Treasure, the Jade Emperor, which has hundreds of terrapins living in the pool. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral The Notre Dame Cathedral also known as Duc Ba as the local call it is worth a visit on your trip as it is another reminder of the French colonial past in Vietnam. Just opposite to the cathedral you can find the National Post Office which is another significant and popular building of the city where you can view a very huge portrait of Ho Chi Minh. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: