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Top 5 Reasons Disney Is A Great Family Vacation Destination-ppbox

Travel-and-Leisure If you are planning a trip with your family anytime soon but you cannot decide yet where to go. A good option would be Disney World. Known as the most famous theme park in the world, Disney World has been making kids’ dreams .e true with its enchanting attractions, magical rides, and fantastic shows. If you and your kids have never been to this part of Orlando, here are top reasons why you should. Reason # 1 – Spectacular shows. At Disney World, you get to see awe-inspiring shows that will leave you and your kids bewildered and amazed. One that you should not miss is the fireworks display that is truly captivating even to an adult’s perspective. Be sure to get a schedule listing of all the shows that are happening during your visit so that you can catch everything that you know your kids would love. Reason # 2 – New and exciting attractions. As if the current rides are not sufficient, the House of Mouse has decided to add more exciting attractions that would let your kids have a blast. The Main Street Electrical Parade has made a .eback at the Magic Kingdom Park. But since this would only be for a limited time, you need to catch it as soon as you can. The attraction has been improved and boasts of modern LED and audio technology. At Epcot, you will find the newest attractions called Sum of All Thrills. This one is a unique attraction that allows people to design their own rides using a high-tech interactive touch screen. It does not end there, you can actually experience that ride you designed through a 4-D robotic simulator that includes sensory elements such as sight, sounds, and movement in order to create a realistic ride. Reason # 3 – Money-saving techniques. Some people skip this park because they think that it would eat their entire life’s savings. But that’s not true. There are so many ways on how you can have a budget trip to Disney World that would still allow you to have a grand time. For one, you can get vacation packages that give spectacular discounts on ac.modation, tickets, airline travel, and transportation within Orlando. Also, you can save on your ac.modation by choosing to stay at the Kissimmee Vacation Homes. You can also stay inside the theme park, as there are budget Disney Condos located here. Reason # 4 – Culinary delights. While some would say that food inside Disney World is substandard, you can actually have a great dining experience if you choose restaurants well. Some of the best options include Rainforest Café, T-Rex Café, Victoria and Albert’s, Mikado Japanese Steakhouse, Ming Court, Emeril’s Tchoup, Ocean Prime, Fulton’s Crab House, Todd English’s Bluezoo, La Coquina, and House of Blues. These restaurants do not only serve great food, they also offer fantastic entertainment and charming ambience. Reason # 5 – Magical place for kids. Finally, the best and most important reason of all is your kids. Let them have the great Disney childhood experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: