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To Japan before the Sohu diqua

Go to Japan – Sohu outdoor Beijing haze really uncomfortable. Trapped in the interior of the Qi Xiaoyun and the old boyfriend Tian is depressed, so in this heating not to the cold night, two people decided to go to Japan to play the Spring Festival holiday in a warm blanket. All the hard work in Beijing in recent years, the two is not only the efforts among the high class, also bought a flat 60 small wedding room in the East Fifth Ring, is sent down to go out and have a good time. Why choose Japan? The first is close, the second is to eat more, third can buy buy buy fourth, Qi Xiaoyun wanted to go to see a new cowboy shop for a long time, than the male friends want to go Kabukicho is long. Warm time is always short, and soon two people trapped in the eyes of a closed to open the dawn. The second day is a Friday, a busy week of the last working day, Qi Xiaoyun appointment and friends to eat, the mood is good, the only drawback is that her car limit today. So, Qi Xiaoyun can only wear the mask of the dead man, to stimulate the spirit of her struggle, to the subway. After class 4 overcrowded subway in the past, Qi Xiaoyun glanced at the table — 8:45. Very well, it’s late. As a result of a project on hand, Qi Xiaoyun’s Friday is still very tense, not only to follow up the progress of each department, but also responsible for the feedback data. "I don’t work overtime today, 7 points to." Qi Xiaoyun’s WeChat pushes a message. "I’m fine, about 7:30, you later the past ah." Qi Xiaoyun picked up the phone back to the past. "Good." Dinner in the evening is a friend of Qi Xiaoyun’s colleagues in the previous club, 4 years younger than her, very competent, recently seems to be promoted. Qi Xiaoyun job hopping, the boss had to talk to her, I hope she stays. However, at that time Qi Xiaoyun went to Italy has been determined, and now, friends on her promotion. This year’s winter came early, Qi Xiaoyun trembling into the restaurant, friends have been waiting for her in the window seat. "Cold?" the friend looked at Qi Xiaoyun. "Cold," said Qi Xiaoyun, pulling the menu on the table. "I’m starving. I’ll see what’s good." "The good pig’s trotters, tasty." "Is that right? Let me see." "And a roast beef." "It looks like it’s okay." "After the project you have to break it?" "there is a fart, there are two in the back waiting." Qi Xiaoyun unhappy drink a mouthful of lemonade, but I also feel a lot of time with Lao Tian, intends to go to Japan to play the spring festival." "Japan is good, ah, winter to Hokkaido, very beautiful oh." "Well, I’m going to play all the way from Hokkaido." "I recommend you to eat it, the last time I tasted it, you can." All right, come on, don’t go back." The specialty of pig’s trotters, looks very delicious. Qi Xiaoyun and friends have to move up the chopsticks, it is easy to establish friendship between chowhound, at the same time is also very strong, so, how can the delicacy to? "To, I tell you a thing?" "." ?相关的主题文章: