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To Assume Is To Be A Fool By Andrew Gallop And A Scottish House Fly Named Buzz-super bass

Home-and-Family This is a true story about how I got into trouble in Scotland by assuming things. A few years ago Judy (aka "Judge Judy") and I were on holiday in Scotland. We had ventured up the northeast coast to Dornoch. We had reservations at the Royal Golf Hotel. This over looks the first tee of the Royal Dornoch Golf Club and the Dornoch Firth. We had a beautiful view from our second floor room. Three baby Hearing Gulls had hatched on a flat roof next to one window. It was enjoyable to watch as there parents were feeding them. Very relaxing a nice breeze blowing in the windows. There are no screens on the windows in Scotland as there are not many bugs. We were enjoying our rest when a "FLY" came through the window. It looked like an American house fly except about three times the size and when it flew it made a loud "buzz". So much for a peaceful rest because it kept flying around. Judy got after it and ran it in the bath room. She came out and said "I closed that fly in the bathroom"! Well I assumed that I was to get rid of the fly! I got up and went in the bathroom closed the door and "Buzz" took of. I got a hand towel and got after "Buzz". It was "buzz stop, buzz stop", I would swing and buzz stop. I finally connected but just stunned "Buzz" so I picked "Buzz" up and threw "Buzz" in the toilet and flushed. Well the toilet sucked "Buzz" down and I assumed that was the end of "Buzz", but low and behold "Buzz" swam up and flew out of the toilet. We started over again both "Buzz’ and I, being of Scottish origin and very hardheaded it was buzz stop, buzz stop, whop I got "Buzz " again. Threw it in the toilet and put a piece of toilet paper over "Buzz". I got you now I assumed, flushed again and down "Buzz" went. In a few seconds "buzz stop, buzz stop, whop", I got "Buzz" again. This time I put liquid soap on some toilet paper and put that over "Buzz". Assuming the soap would put "Buzz" out of its and my misery. I let it set until "Buzz" got still and flushed, waited a few minutes. No "Buzz" ah mission ac.plished, I went back in the room and told "Judge Judy" that I had got rid of the fly. She said "what I didn’t want it hurt that is why I had opened the window. Oops there I go with another assumption, wrong again. We enjoyed the rest of the day in peace and quite. Had a wonderful supper and a good nights rest. The next morning we go to breakfast. Our room was upstairs on the east end of the hotel. The restaurant was downstairs on the west end, a good ways apart. We sat down at a table in one end, it was about 60 ft across the room. All of a sudden we heard a loud "buzz" an something hit me in the head and flew back across the room. Judy and I looked at each other and said "that was that fly"! Everyone in the restaurant was looking at me. About that time here .es "Buzz" again buzz, buzz, and hits me in the head again and goes back to the other side of the room. Then here .es "Buzz" again and hits me in the head and buzzes of. I was ready to leave without breakfast but "Buzz" didn’t return I guess it assumed that it had got my attention. The only correct assumption out of the entire escapade. So "Buzz" is living fine in the highlands of Scotland. Only a Scottish fly will be correct in making an assumption. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: