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Thousands of dollars to invest tens of thousands of dollars to share a bike platform ofo- Sohu Techn www.11aabb.com

Drops travel millions of dollars of investment sharing platform ofo- technology Sohu Sohu bicycle Technology Wen Cui Peng September 26th news, today announced a strategic investment by travel bike sharing platform ofo, amounting to tens of millions of dollars, the two sides will be in the future city travel areas expand all-round cooperation. Ofo was founded in April 2014, is originated from the campus students entrepreneurial projects, mainly through mobile Internet technology to optimize internal cycling resources, establishing a community of users and reputation. In September 2nd, it has just won the latitude and longitude of China’s leading investment, Jinsha River, only hunting capital with the tens of millions of dollars to invest in the B round of financing. Ofo vehicles are mainly from two aspects: one is from the campus recycling discarded bicycles, but also the students accept the donation; two is the ofo platform to buy, and then modify the mechanical lock and the number card, yellow coating and a series of operations after put into use. Drops said that in the future on the platform in addition to drop its own services, users will also be able to enjoy more provided by partners and travel related services, the formation of ecological travel services and cooperation mode complete. According to the data provided by the ofo drops, on-line has been nearly 70 thousand car sharing bicycle, total orders more than 15 million days, more than 500 thousand orders, to provide travel services for the 20 city of more than 1 million 500 thousand students, there are more than 15 million drivers and 400 million drops of users to join the community. Future drops will further develop the tide strategy, through the excavation and application of big data, intelligent deployment of a variety of transportation tools.相关的主题文章: