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These 3 cases do not touch the belly of pregnant women, very dangerous! Sohu – mi.11bt.info

These 3 cases do not touch the belly of pregnant women, very dangerous! The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share forward, after the media reproduced please contact the author, Dr. dove air863 is pregnant, an action we love most is his stomach. Whether it is just a pregnancy, or childbirth, we all love touch belly, felt like I could really feel like a baby. Touch the belly of pregnant women, help parents and children to communicate, to promote the baby’s body and nervous development. This is very useful and beneficial. In fact, touch the baby is no problem, but we have to be clear. In some cases, we are not suitable for touch belly. Because in some specific circumstances, this way of touching is not very good. Late pregnancy many mothers love touch with the baby belly exchange, but late frequently rubbing belly would stimulate the uterus, cause uterine contraction of the false. If the method is inappropriate or too frequent, may cause premature delivery. Under normal circumstances, the action must be stroked gently, moderate touch will not cause harm to the baby. Especially the frequent movement of the situation, we must immediately stop petting. Birth signs often see many mothers will put his hands to his waist, or one hand on the waist, a hand touching the stomach. In fact, this is not a good habit. It’s better to walk in a natural and comfortable way. If the expectant mother appeared premature phenomenon, we must not touch the pregnant woman belly. This is likely to stimulate the baby in the stomach, causing premature birth. Frequent movement of mothers should always pay attention to the movement from the baby, learn to observe and record your baby’s movements. Fetal sudden increase or decrease, the mother must be timely to the hospital for examination, to determine the adverse situation whether fetal function. When the movement frequently appear in the mother, must not touch the stomach. This time if the stimulus to the stomach, it may stimulate uterine contractions, lead to the phenomenon of premature birth. For these special times, we must pay special attention to. If you really cause premature birth, the harm to pregnant women and babies are particularly large. In these times, we try not to touch the belly of pregnant women. In addition, if touched, then the action must be gentle, do not touch for a long time. Touch the baby, the baby has many advantages. However, in some special circumstances, we must control their own and other people’s hands. Do not always like to touch, can not restrain the time to touch the two can be. WeChat sweep download client letters every day相关的主题文章: