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There are 14 pieces of new farmer home network card acceptance defrauding funds benefiting more than christie stevens

There are 14 pieces of card acceptance of farmer cheat funds benefiting more than public officers pull Beijing – "the defendant Wang Yong graft, decided to implement fourteen years imprisonment, fined 900 thousand yuan." The day before, Wang Yong sat in Laifeng County of Hubei Province, the detention center in the prison room, listening to a trial, a boots landing relieved, the more regret a previous mistake. A farmer has 14 home inspection card in front of a family, and today we finished the investigation and then go back." One evening in the winter of 2014, the Secretary of Laifeng County procuratorate anti malfeasance Bureau Hu Zhaohui made an arrangement on the investigation task of the day, and this is a decision to become a key breakthrough in the case. Laifeng County car leather Le Zhen Zhen Nan Cun 8 groups of a farmhouse outside the hospital, the owner picking up firewood piled up in front of the house, the family looks not what strange. The investigators approached the small Ni was knocking at the door, but found the red brown wooden door hanging on the 14 block of the septic tank project sign. "This is an important clue!" According to regulations, every farmer can be a septic tank renovation, approval department of the household toilet renovation acceptance of farmers, can be allocated 500 yuan subsidies, why a farmer has 14 pieces of card acceptance? In August 2014, exemplifying discipline transfer case clues: the Laifeng County power law enforcement brigade cadres Wang Yong septic tank renovation project in rural household latrines suspected of bribery, bribery and other crimes. "Although household renovation project only allocated 500 yuan of funds, but many farmers involved, this is the people’s livelihood Huinong cases should be done well." Laifeng County procuratorate immediately set up 5 research group, respectively by a senior prosecutor led to all accept the disbursement of funds of 6000 households each household survey. Now 4 months later, most of the household survey has been completed, it is time to conduct a comprehensive review of the case. After verification, 2011 to 2013, the county rural household latrine septic tank renovation project of 9000 households, Wang Yong in the name of the project, Laifeng County in the new village construction company and other units of the actual name of undertaking the 6000 households, of which 71% is false, fraudulent project funds amounted to 2 million 43 thousand and 800 yuan." The results of the survey report handling group shocking, rural health household toilet renovation project acceptance involving five units, respectively, construction units, supervision units, village committees, township government and county latrines do such rigorous regulatory procedures, Wang Yong is how to do false farmers to raise funds? Investigators immediately questioned Wang Yong, with the presentation of evidence, Wang Yong sweating, "I confessed……" A crime is not a good job behind the fraud surfaced. Useless "layers" supervision from 2011 to 2013, exemplifying the implementation of rural household latrines septic tank renovation project, when he was a deputy level cadres Wang Yong using the identity of their public officials influence, pretending to act as brokers on the item, you will get the actual project down. In engineering construction, the actual construction of 1742 households, 6000 households the number of tasks to achieve false cash to bribe Wang Yong by staff, access to toilets do County acceptance)相关的主题文章: