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The woman with a knife stabbed bestie: "I want to kill her -" Beijing         this is a good "bestie", but made Former friends become enemies with each other..         in October 31st this year, a woman holding a knife and axe firewood to a friend with a knife to Xue home, Xuemou abdomen stabbed, causing Xuemou intestines outflow. Near neighbor grabbed a knife, a wood and pulling his axe again stabbed Xuemou, stopped by police in a timely manner. Originally, in an investment in a wood loss of about one hundred thousand, while Xuemou earned a lot, plus a Xuemou and Shangchai suspected her husband having an affair, so has a grudge. At the beginning of this year, Cai found suffering from breast cancer, and a chance to hear the suspected Xuemou cursed her words, angry firewood found Xuemou, and she wanted to die. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Changqing police, the victim Xuemou has been out of danger, the suspect firewood xingju. Reporter Gao Qian         two women’s wrestling together a man was stabbed abdomen         October 31st around 1:30 in the afternoon, Changqing Phoenix Village District No. 9 Building 3 unit corridor, came a fierce quarrel, and accompanied by the sound of fighting.         "I live upstairs, I heard that two women were quarrelling, and later saw a woman stabbed another woman." The neighbors said that the third floor of the ground on a large pool of blood, two middle-aged woman struggling together, who have blood.         see this scene, a bolder residents came and took down the knife, knife woman unexpectedly from the bag and pulled out a hatchet. See how can not stop, the residents downstairs to find someone to help, and call 110 police. At this point, the incident has been in the past more than and 10 minutes.         police rushed to the scene, the unit downstairs full of people. "In the corridor, two women roll together." Residents say. The police along the stairs, found two women holding a scuffle between the two floor and the third floor, a woman holding an axe with another woman, and the blood on the ground has been extended to the third floor location.         "under the pressure of the woman was seriously injured, looks physical loss, the woman kept silent, tightly holding each other." Police, two people are blood, can not tell who was injured. Police immediately took the woman’s axe.         at this time, medical staff rushed to the scene.         do business together lost money and doubt husband is "out"         then we look, everyone was shocked, holding an axe.相关的主题文章: