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The woman sun circle of friends photos actually someone found her smashed two cars-1256789

Female friends circle the sun photo as people find her house smashed two cars now many people love the sun shine in the circle of friends scraper, self drying, sun drying, delicacy tourism…… Finally, the harvest of friends alike praise, leaving a good memory. That kind of feeling really good ~! However, you never know what the photos will bring to you…… Mr. Liu’s mother in Liaoyang, like the sun in the circle of friends in the home happy thing. But she never thought, some people through these happy photos found her residence, home…… Two cars at night smashed loss of more than twenty thousand yuan in the morning of July 4th, Mr. Liu went downstairs to drive out, pull the door only to find the car smashed. Home two cars parked next to, all was black, this is money? Four, before and after the silver car windshield glass windows, skylights, and machine cover and two taillights were smashed. Before and after the wind, Jeep four windows, two taillights and headlights were also smashed the front right. No loss of items inside the car, two car light loss is over twenty thousand, but Mr. Liu also found that the area of other vehicles and not by hand, Mr. Liu immediately alarm. Subsequently, Mr. Liu recalled, that evening, the car is at midnight from back to the District, after 4 hours, the precise smashed, "is not to offend the enemy?" He took a reminder call but not recognized on the arrears after the police received a report, found two clues. The first is through visits found that day at half past one in the morning, had a home residents heard smashing voice. Subsequently, the police investigation in the area near the monitor found a black sedan when the accident occurred, suspicious appearance and movements. After investigation found that the car from Dandong. Later, Mr. Liu said, just a few days before the incident, a Dandong cooperation unit manager Lee gave his mother a call, said before the debts too, but Mr. Liu’s mother of the money has not been recognized. Dunning people through the circle of friends photos to residential area and vehicle positioning in mid September, police in Dandong suspect Wang Mou is arrested, they confessed to a "smashed cars to this is Mr. Li let dry". Company manager Lee is just promoted, in historical accounts have been found in Mr. Liu mother’s telephone arrears, cuiyao failed. In order to give Mr. Liu’s mother a little color to see, Lee and his friend Wang sat together, from the phone to call out Liu’s mother’s circle of friends, selected a few issued to wang. Wang took these pictures, shouting three friends came to Liaoyang. Don’t know Mr. Liu’s mother lived in the district to call what, but the building is very characteristic, blue, brown roofs of the building wall, Wang climbs a tower overlooking the city of Liaoyang, inquiries to the taxi driver, soon found Mr. Liu mother house. Next to the two car parked downstairs is Mr. Liu’s mother often in the circle of friends in the sun, yes, start it……" At present, the suspect Wang and other four have been released on bail. Police remind you that if there are economic disputes should take legal means for behavior is not desirable. Beware of leakage of privacy to make trouble even though the sun is now living in a circle of friends is very fire, but still want to remind the sun like friends: beware of drying more revealing personal privacy. The decrease in daily life, some information should move)相关的主题文章: