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The watermark on the missing child’s head selling bottled controversial taste of love ghost observer

The watermark on the missing child’s head selling bottled controversial "stale" missing love every child, with a family tragedy. With the "lost" solitary "dearly" some kind of crackdown movie aggressively, all of the lost children’s attention is more and more high. Recently, in the streets of Qingdao appeared a printed packaging missing children head of the mineral water, calling attention to the missing children and rewards to help children find family well intentioned people, some people think that this is the innovation of the enterprise act, but there’s also the question of enterprise is the opportunity to profit. Reporters noted that this "baby home" mineral water appeared in the convenience store in Qingdao news, has been a number of media official micro-blog reprint, each message has been reproduced with over 10000 point of praise and forwarding number. It is understood that the bottle printed with the missing child photo and information of mineral water, produced a total of 500 thousand bottles, the main sales in Qingdao convenience store, the Airport Station, the next step will be expanded to Beijing, Shanghai and other places. The reporter also contacted the parents of one of the missing children on the mineral water bottle. Luo Chaofan, the mother of missing children, said: "I must be very excited because there are so many loving people to help me," said Zhang Guihong. Children do not return, looking for more than children. I hope these businesses can promote our love in children at the same time, can the crackdown policy printed up together." Although, at present in Zhenjiang city on the market did not sell this kind of mineral water, but the reporter Street interviews found that the majority of the public and businesses, have expressed their willingness to buy and sell this kind of mineral water. Nanjing citizens Ms. Dong: will buy, or will buy, after all, to give children more hope." In a good while, it was also the price of 5.5 yuan a bottle of mineral water "baby home" questioned. Some netizens pointed out that the bottle is printed on the 6 missing children’s information, the first missing in 2003, 13 years later, the huge change lost children, this way is useful. Zhenjiang public Deng: I do not think the business should be, it is to do public service, to help others find children, you can not help this to improve your own price." In this regard, Li Bingshuo, associate professor at the Jiangsu University law school believes that although such behavior is not in violation of the relevant provisions of charity law, but business and charity should be clearly distinguished, so as not to let the public have questioned whether or not a good impression. Load in…相关的主题文章: