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The United States first announced the end of the epidemic epidemic village card – Beijing super bass

The United States first announced the end of the epidemic epidemic village card – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Washington, September 19 Xinhua (reporter Lin Xiaochun) 19 U.S. health authorities announced that the United States first temperature Wood Zika epidemic outbreak has ended, but the authorities still recommended for pregnant women and their partners to postpone nonessential travel in the region to consider. Wood is located in the southeastern United States warm tourist resort in Florida, Miami Dade County, the village card epidemic area of only 2.6 square kilometers. Florida Governor Rick Perry? Scott said the same day, the whole temperature of Wood in the past 45 days have not found the local village card spread of cases, the authorities announced the end of Wood disease. Scott encourages tourists to visit the warm Wood region, and announced that it will be held in September 30th, warm food dining activities to support the local food and beverage industry, he will personally participate in this event in. Miami Dade County is the continental United States so far only Zika spread of the epidemic area. In addition to Wen Wood, another area of the county is located in the area of Miami Beach, 3 days ago expanded from 3.9 square kilometers to 11.7 square kilometers. So far, the Miami Dade County were found in 93 cases of local village card case. The United States Centers for Disease Control and prevention, said Wen Wood succeed in mosquito control by spraying two aircraft mosquitocide results. But the local should not be relaxed, there are still new card case may still exist. U.S. CDC in August 1st has issued a travel warning for the temperature Wood urged pregnant women should avoid traveling to Florida local. The 19 day in the updated recommendations that pregnant women and their partners if you are worried about the infection of Zika virus, you can still consider postponing non essential travel to all areas of Miami Dade county". The virus is mainly spread through mosquito bites, and sexual behavior is also a way of transmission. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and statistics, the United States has found more than 3 thousand and 100 cases of card cases, the vast majority of people are infected when traveling abroad, some of them infected by sexual behavior.相关的主题文章: