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The three operators under the ultimatum no real name mobile phone will be shut down in October (vide roxane hayward

The three operators under the "ultimatum": no real name mobile phone October will be shut down for 19 days, the public in the experience area to understand the network security knowledge Chengdu daily chart yesterday, 2016 in Chengdu City, the national network security awareness week Telecommunication Day theme activities held within the city. Reporters from the three operators in Chengdu was informed that in order to further the fight against telecommunications fraud prevention, the operators will strictly implement the telephone number of the real name system, and issued a deadline of October 1st at the earliest, most late October 18th, overdue registration of mobile phone users will be forced to stop. Reporters learned that, starting in July of this year, the three operators in Chengdu have been notified by SMS or telephone, announcement and other ways to the old name has not yet been registered. For do not registered in time to inform the user, Chengdu Unicom, Chengdu mobile will start from October 1st in a real user not one-way stop, Chengdu Telecom has set the deadline on October 18th. After a single stop, mobile phone users can still pick up the phone, but can not make a phone call, send text messages and the use of traffic, call 110, 119, 120 and other emergency calls are not affected. Operator stakeholders said that in the long run, users can enjoy many benefits brought by the mobile phone real name system. For example, spam messages and telephone fraud will be less and less, the bank account will also become more secure mobile phone binding. To prevent telecommunications fraud to keep in mind the seven all Chengdu City Commission by letter to remind the public, from the Xu Yuyu case to see, telecommunications fraud frequent, serious consequences. In addition to the use of telephone, SMS, criminals will by QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and other social networking tools, posing as public security organs, health care and other government departments and operators, the landlord, the reason involved in judicial matters, receive grants, phone arrears fraud victims transfer funds. – how to identify these fraudulent information? Please keep in mind that the "seven whatevers": 1, all about the bank account information will be hung; 2, who talked about winning, will be hung; 3, all text messages to click on the link, will be deleted; 4, that WeChat sent inexplicable links, will not point; 5, who spoke of the "call transfer of public security" all hung; 6, who claimed leadership, colleagues asked remittances, 7, who are no matter; to inform the family accident need to transfer, are reported. – to have unfortunately deceived the public, the Commission by letter also gives remedial suggestions: keep remittance or transfer voucher and immediately call 110 to report to the police, say after being cheated, the victim, the victim to provide accurate name cash and bank account information; provide accurate cheat account number, account name and account for (the bank and bank customers can help provide remittance documents or queries); electronic evidence to the police. Chengdu business daily intern reporter Yin Qintong editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of the 2 million 350 thousand real name registration number will not stop next month相关的主题文章: