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The sick genius scientist, for changing the world came close to die – Sohu technology pains hungry skin do not know how long the poor friends did not turn on the TV, but poor Jun is really good for a long time without contact, often a holiday home and elders to nest on the sofa, look at what the party ah the… In the past, regardless of adults and children, love each other grab the TV remote control, choose their favorite program. Well, here in fact, poor friends know poor Jun routines should know, want to say today is the TV inventor John Logie Baird · ·… Baird Baird was born in Scotland in August 1888, and no bones elegant, even ordinary people’s health are not, he was sick, several times almost died due to illness. Fortunately, he will be determined, learning is also harder than ordinary people, so admitted to the top 100 schools, one of the oldest universities, was founded in 1451, University of Glasgow. When I was about to graduate, I met the first World War, the teachers were gone, and he was forced to drop out… He was ready to join the army to serve the country, the result, because of physical reasons, was rejected, the war still care so much, how bad the visible body. Under, Baird had no choice but to find a job, but also a few times was rejected, and finally a good electric company took him. In the early years of Baird Electric Company (wasted away, down a bit handsome) because of hard work, technology is hard, so by the leadership attention, helpless is because of physical reasons, 1923, the 35 year old Baird had to resign and go home. For most people, even in a self: "I’m a cripple almost, but Baird is thinking, what should I do to change the world? Coincidentally, one day a friend accidentally mentioned that Marconi (the father of radio) to achieve long-distance transmission and reception of radio waves, thus changing the way people communicate. So far from the image should also be able to launch, Baird think so, anyway, my body is not suitable for a job, then invented a good tv. He was in accordance with the economic situation, can not afford to buy new equipment, he leaned to the discard pile, pick up some old motor, radio equipment, neon lamp, scanning disk, electrical bar. Their own basins, tea boxes are also used to do the TV frame, in short, what is what. Baird is doing an experiment for fear of his time, Baird is the day to day work, hungry eating bread, tired clothes and sleep. Overwork and malnutrition are getting worse and worse. Fortunately, Heaven helps those who help themselves., the spring of 1924, Baird launched a cross flower although only partly hidden and partly visible, a distance of 3 meters, but it makes him see hope. It also became the prototype of mechanical scanning television, Baird.相关的主题文章: