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The second China – ASEAN forum on the closure of a number of key projects successfully signed www.jkggg.net

The second China – ASEAN Information Forum, the closure of a number of key projects successfully signed – the second China – ASEAN Information Port forum September 11th -12 held in Guangxi. The picture is the forum site. Cheng Chunyu,, September (Xinhua) – (second) – China – Nanning, China – ASEAN forum on information at the end of the curtain fell on the curtain in Guangxi, on September 12th in, Nanning. Fruitful achievements of the forum, a number of key cooperation projects successfully signed, effectively promote the implementation of the construction of the port of information. In the closing ceremony of the forum, director of Information Office of the state Internet information China Development Bureau Xu Yu said that this forum is highly valued by Chinese and ASEAN government departments and Industry Forum, showing a pragmatic and efficient cooperation issues, in-depth exchanges to participate in a wide range, focusing on innovation lead, cultural exchanges and other five characteristics, China and ASEAN countries pay more attention to the implementation of the project implementation, is becoming a powerful action team. The theme of this forum is to build – sharing – win". The guests around the China ASEAN information development prospect, network infrastructure interconnection network, cultural exchanges and cooperation and other issues, speak freely, open communication, put forward many new ideas, the formation of many new consensus for Chinese ASEAN Information Port construction has accumulated a wealth of wisdom. The closing ceremony of the forum hosted by the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister Lu Zhongyun, Lao Minister of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications assistant to be afraid to attend the closing ceremony and speech. China Information Communication Research Institute Vice President Xie Yi, deputy secretary of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region communications authority Tan Guodong, perfect world vice president Edie representing the subject groups to speak, said that through this forum, Chinese and ASEAN countries to deepen mutual understanding and strategic mutual trust, to provide a positive guiding significance for promoting the China cooperation with asean. (end)相关的主题文章: