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The second child to know the most troublesome thing three core tip: some experts suggested that the 13th Five-Year full liberalization of the two child policy, due to the current "universal two child" fertility desire is not strong, the main reason is that the cost is too high to afford, if you release the "universal two child" and will not cause the population gathers together the phenomenon. Separate two child policy since the beginning of the beginning of has been a period of time, the State Planning Commission announced in January 12, 2015 data show that as of the end of 2014, there are about 1 million pairs of couples put forward an application. New birth population is lower than the official forecast. Some experts believe that the current universal two child fertility is not very strong, mainly because the cost is too high, can not afford. At this stage, if you release the "universal two child", and will not cause people get together phenomenon, and suggested that the 13th Five-Year full liberalization of the two child policy. However, in fact, not only is the second child mouth decided on it, you need to consider a lot of problems, especially the 3 most troublesome thing. Trouble: economic pressure alone policy has been liberalized second child, but many families are still in shilly-shally, the biggest reason is that economic pressure, prepare pregnant mother had to first estimate while raising two children upbringing and education expenses. Far not said, now the cost of raising a child but not cheap, but the monthly milk and diapers will need one thousand yuan, plus the baby clothes, toys, and other early childhood care products will cost more to spend. Wait until kindergarten, in the big city a good point of tuition to a few thousand dollars a month, the general must be more than one thousand yuan, not to mention hobbies, and after the primary, secondary and University fees. If you want a second child, it is best to calculate the economic accounts, if there is too much difference, then you need to consider. Trouble two: maternal age women the best age the second child of the younger the better, the best before the age of 30, because fertility declines after the age of 35, will increase the probability of abnormal fetal development, the probability of pregnancy complications. However, modern women especially the occupation women usually marry the baby relatively late, even 30 years before the birth of their first child, resulting in giving birth to a second child is already older mothers. For the time of pregnancy can do pre pregnancy check to see if it fits with the second, check if it is not suitable for pregnant disease. In the second pregnancy but also need to consider 2 questions: first, if the first child is a caesarean section, should pay attention to and first time interval, considering the question of risk of uterine rupture, on the principle of caesarean section after two years after the second pregnancy; second, when pregnant the first child, whether there are some special cases for example, gestational diabetes, premature birth, threatened abortion, pregnancy induced hypertension, if there are problems in the first, then the second pregnancy needs to be more careful. Do you have trouble three: psychological preparation has not established the law of life and the first baby? Have you arranged for who will take care of the baby? Your baby is now able to sleep all night sleep? Maybe you now can enjoy two of the world together with the other half, or you have to return to the workplace, and love this work. These are all you need to consider before the second child of the problem. You know, a new baby.相关的主题文章: