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The same platform to fame or price Supipes contrast MAGOTAN (video) reshacker

The same platform to fame or price? Supipes most people have obviously compared MAGOTAN supipes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as the Passat (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), MAGOTAN (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) have equal status of Ashkenazi intermediate car. This time, with the MQB platform from MAGOTAN facts and send, pull them closer. Powerful new Skoda supipes – car test drive in our thinking inertia, MAGOTAN is the benchmark products intermediate car camp, Skoda brand is synonymous with the eyes of the people of "high price". In the process of comparison between the two cars, we inevitably have to encounter the problem of "fame or price". Now wait a minute, let’s look at the details of how the two. The price gap between the similar configuration models, we select the speed to send their 1.8T and MAGOTAN (330TSI) high level configuration models in one, they are also the owners generally pay more attention to the intention of the car. However, with the MSRP, market discount rate, Skoda speed sent 330TSI DSG line version than VW MAGOTAN 330TSI DSG luxury cheap 35 thousand yuan. In the following, we will start from the design, configuration and the degree of human nature, and so on, the two models are introduced in detail. Shape comparison: the radical speed faction, fashion MAGOTAN as a young man, I would be more inclined to speed movement full, full of tension shape. A new step can be used to describe the "fashion", is already too much progress than the old one, other aspects of ascension beyond doubt. The two car is not obvious in the shape of part of the overall configuration level, and speed to send in the headlight function, keyless entry, sensing wipers and tire rim configuration, still more than MAGOTAN many, have a higher price advantage. Power system: power system of two car exactly the same relative to the mainstream this link for users who are choosing cars tangled, is almost meaningless… Supipes and MAGOTAN using the same engine, the same transmission, the same chassis structure, even the car key anti-theft system are used made of the same specifications. From the perspective of the intermediate car camp, the power system is also very obvious advantages, parameters and performance are very stable and efficient. Edit comment: as a "practical", "what brand premium" great disdain Car Buying, after I had two cars in contrast will still be more popular Skoda supipes. In terms of design, speed has a strong ability to capture young people. In material, workmanship and rich configuration level, Skoda product quality has improved to a new height. Compared to the old section of the new MAGOTAN, also obviously, its progress is very thorough, from the perspective of products, the actual performance of it almost let a person can’t fault. But that is faster than the words, the difference of 35 thousand yuan or more, the configuration of a small gap, may make some people flinch. In contrast, the faster the more cost-effective, more easily accepted by ordinary consumers. (car)相关的主题文章: