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The old man sued Zhang Chunqiao as a traitor why Mao Zedong. kimi wo omou melodi

The old man sued Zhang Chunqiao as a "traitor" why Mao Zedong ignored core tip: even some old people complain of party history of Zhang Chunqiao is a "traitor", Mao Zedong also ignored. He has been using Zhang Chunqiao et al. As a political counterweight to the suppression of the "Cultural Revolution". But history is not a matter of personal will.   this paper from the Zhang Chunqiao data figure: people.com.cn, author: Wang Haiguang, the original title: "Nine" after the heart of Lin Biao Mao Zedong for fear: fear of Zhang Chunqiao as his successor Zhang Chunqiao not only propaganda article ultra left line length, but also carry out the political operation of the ultra leftist line. Mao Zedong in the "Cultural Revolution" in the appreciation of the act as a "strong ability" of the praise of Zhang Chunqiao. In "Nine", Mao Zedong once wanted to train Zhang Chunqiao as his successor, and caused a gang of Lin Biao Mao Zedong to replace the successors of fear. In May 10, 2005, the Xinhua News Agency for "death", a brief report of the "Cultural Revolution" in April 21st the deceased died consumption Zhang. Zhang Chunqiao is dead. But the end is just a biological body, his political life as early as the end of the "Cultural Revolution" has ended. In January 1981, the Supreme People’s court special court, Zhang Chunqiao as principal Lin Biao and Jiang Qing counter revolutionary group case, was sentenced to death (suspended for two years). This is the name of the people and the law, on his coffin. Before the "Cultural Revolution", Zhang Chunqiao is just a little-known local character, qualifications, people are insignificant. In the "Cultural Revolution", Zhang Chunqiao suddenly cracked the float upon the clouds, the most senior political China, became deputy prime minister and deputy head of the Central Cultural Revolution ", the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the state council. In the "Cultural Revolution" for ten years in politics, "Zhang at the head of the central", as changeable as clouds and rain is the "Cultural Revolution", making waves, left tripod characters. To the founding fathers, to the parties in Taiwan, is any derogatory, is on the high ropes. In the ten years of the cultural revolution, Zhang Chunqiao is an important part of the whole must be full tail activities. The "Cultural Revolution" figures, in the "Cultural Revolution" period is the "Central Cultural Revolution Group" as the representative, in the later period of "Cultural Revolution" to cover the "Gang of four" collectively. After the power and a "civil war" political elimination, "Central Cultural Revolution" of the "heads" of only three people, Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan. The "big ten", Wang Hongwen became Vice Chairman of the CPC Central Leaders to artificial villain identity to the formation of the "Gang of four in the Political Bureau of the central committee". Four of them, Guo Moruo had made a comment in one word one by one. Political rogue crown Wang Hongwen, crown crown Zhang Chunqiao literary figure Yao Wenyuan, a person who offers bad advice of white bones, the crown of Jiang Qing. The world is called appropriate. But subdivision, the weight of the four different. Wang Hongwen although expensive for the vice chairman of the CPC Central Committee, but the essence is still the "Cultural Revolution" started "brave rebel elements", the political level is low, cannot bear the big situation. Yao Wenyuan is a literary political stick, director is in the implementation of leftist line propaganda, there is no actual political ability. Jiang Qing is the "Cultural Revolution" faction leader, however unlearned, outspoken, wont make trouble making loud confuse, the.相关的主题文章: