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The office of the State Office of the full implementation of on-site law enforcement activities of a stellarium

The office of the State Office: the full implementation of on-site law enforcement activities of audio and video recording system in September 27 Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued "on deepening the construction of law enforcement standardization opinions", put forward to build a comprehensive law enforcement system, standardize the law enforcement system, law enforcement system, combat management system law enforcement training system, strong law enforcement security system, realize the professionalism of law enforcement personnel, law enforcement, law enforcement standardization management system, law enforcement process information, guarantee the quality of law enforcement and improve the credibility of law enforcement, building the rule of law for public security, and strive to let the people in every law enforcement activities, each case can feel social fairness and justice. "Opinions" pointed out, deepen the construction of law enforcement standardization is the basic position of the overall, in the whole public security work, to strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement for the general requirements, to fully deepen the reform as a driving force, in order to solve the problem of law enforcement oriented, fully implement the basic strategy of the rule of law, faithfully perform their statutory duties, and constantly improve the ability the use of legal thinking and legal ways to deepen reform, promote development, resolve conflicts and maintain stability. "Opinions" clear, deepen the construction of law enforcement standardization must adhere to the leadership of the party, to ensure that always adhere to the correct political direction; adhere to the law enforcement for the people, follow the concept of taking people as the center of law enforcement; adhere to the law to promote, follow the socialist legal principle; adhere to reform and innovation, to fully implement the task of reforming the operating mechanism of law enforcement power. At the same time, clear the main tasks and specific measures to deepen the eight aspects of public security law enforcement standardization. To improve the system of law enforcement mechanism, refine the law enforcement standards and guidelines, providing a sound, complete and operational guidelines for the implementation of the law enforcement of police; the trial centered litigation system reform requirements, adhere to a comprehensive objective and timely collection of evidence, to further clarify the exclusion of illegal evidence, the defective evidence reinforcing the scope, procedures and standards; sound system measures of the public security organs to protect the rights of lawyers, lawyers informed of the circumstances of the case, the implementation of defense opinions, listen to lawyers accept appeals against legal requirements. To improve the supervision of law enforcement management system, strengthen the enforcement of quality control, strengthen the supervision of the registration process, the full implementation of the criminal case legal departments of public security organs unified audit, unified export system; improve the accountability system, perfect the law enforcement fault correction and accountability procedures, the implementation of case handling quality lifelong responsibility and duty to improve the accountability of misjudged cases; the relief mechanism of the rights of the parties, improve the acceptance of supervision, verification disposal, report the results of the complaint feedback mechanism, improve the public security organ respondent court system etc.. In the aspect of law enforcement deepen informatization construction, improve the law enforcement information system of provinces and city police uniform application, except in cases involving state secrets, the full realization of the online handling; establish and perfect the law enforcement process recording mechanism, the full implementation of the law enforcement activities of video and audio recording system; to create "sunshine policing", optimization of the law enforcement information query services. To establish an effective administrative reconsideration, administrative punishment decision documents online open system. In improving the ability to perform their duties according to law enforcement body 8相关的主题文章: