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The new entrance to learn tyrants 3 courses are out of the tangle: whether the test second times? On Friday, the Zhejiang new college entrance examination third examination examination results came out, each of the candidates in addition to get results, also got a personalized exclusive single report. It is reported that the Zhejiang province school exam examination subjects the total diagnostic reports of more than 200 copies. Every exam, there will always be someone who will laugh, but the most critical thing is to think about what to do next, after all, is to enter the college entrance examination. Is the so-called enemy can, for two consecutive days, the reporter by making inquiries, combing several candidates with related information, I hope you can help. [results] release key high school master of physical chemistry can also test out many candidates almost on Friday to get the result, these days, schools are busy statistics. So how was the exam this time? In fact, not only students, each school is not the same. For example, more than 350 high school students in Ningbo, nearly a thousand subjects reference. After the results were announced, the overall situation is good, there are three optional courses out of the students, and the students have reported physical chemistry. Another example of the mid-range of some ordinary high school, physics, chemistry, such subjects, the results belong to the general". The relevant person in charge of the school said: "as originally expected, because many key universities are required to have a lot of professional physical and chemical performance, so the general good students will choose the two disciplines, especially in physics, many excellent students required, but these excellent students concentrated in some of the old the focus of high school, such as the urban efficiency is, rather, so ordinary high school students learn physical chemistry opponent really is too strong, there is competition in this school, outside the more pressure, the classmates all say" pass "." The high school students also take out is mainly the subject of the reporter learned that, if not the old key high school, ordinary high school students also got some subjects out, mainly is the partial text of the subject, such as the Li Huili high school students got the politics, geography, biology and other disciplines out. At middle school students also have political discipline marks, students of other disciplines have 97 points. Can get full marks, in fact, very powerful. Get full marks of the students, this course can be put on the first one, to overcome other disciplines." Li Huili, a senior official told reporters. According to regulations, the college entrance exam subjects, which is the entrance examination subject is 70 points plus 30 points test questions, draw 21 grades, to the examination qualified premise score, qualified starting point score 40, out of 100 points, the score is divided into 21 grades, each grade difference is 3 the proportion of each grade, determine the grade according to the previously announced ratio. Get the full score, is not to say that there is no wrong. According to the regulations, there are 1% people can get the proportion of 100 points, if the test of this subject, there are 100 out of 10000. If there is exactly the same point, the proportion will be slightly adjusted." A senior teacher said. [teacher] to see whether the results and the usual match to enhance the space and then try so hard, at the moment, candidates should do?.相关的主题文章: