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The National Day holiday travel chaos around constantly broke unreasonable low price tour rep winavi video converter

The National Day holiday travel chaos around constantly broke   unreasonable low price tour repeated – Finance – people.com.cn National Tourism Bureau released October 7th report shows that during the 2016 National Day golden week, a total of 593 million tourists trips, an increase of 12.8%. The National Day holiday tourism market prosperity, but still continue to burst around the travel chaos. According to the National Tourism Administration statistics, this year, eleven period, the country handled a total of 359 tourist complaints. In the National Tourism Administration announced the investigation of 5 cases of typical cases, there are 2 cases of unreasonable cheap tour case. Unreasonable low price tour is a long-standing problem, it is the tourism industry ills". This kind of tourist trap usually at low prices to attract tourists, but also in the process of tourism with the names of other mandatory tourist consumption. Regulatory authorities to investigate this phenomenon for many times, but repeatedly banned. "Black day" small ads "the Great Wall VIP line attractions include the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Ming Dynasty Tombs reservoir, Royal courtyard, Prince Gong palace, the Summer Palace, the Imperial Palace, sea world, Meng Jiangnu Memorial and the bird’s nest water cube, the original price 280 yuan a price only 80 yuan, the elderly, students and soldiers also enjoy half price concessions……" This is a reporter in Beijing at the exit of the Wangfujing subway station a small tourism advertising on the tour project, advertisement printed on the "China International Travel Service". This is similar to the tour project also appears in the printed "China Youth Travel Service" "Beijing tourism hub" and other words of the advertisement paper, more than the price of 50 yuan, 80 yuan or 100 yuan. Among them, specially marked "no other fees". However, even if it takes two to write the same name of a travel agency advertising contrast, you will find that the travel agency business license number is inconsistent. Log on to the official website of these travel agencies, will also find their business license number and small ads on the different, but there is no small ads on the day tour. 4 Beijing tourism center of the Beijing post in Zhengyang Qianmen Street on the south side of the door, the staff told reporters that the Beijing Distribution Center for tourism projects are the booth reservation or online, and not on the sporadic small ads showmanship. CYTS staff also confirmed to reporters, write these small ads on and not their travel information. Because many times have been confirmed to be forced tourists consumption, half-way increase, the actual travel routes are changed and other phenomena, such tourism projects are called black day tour". In Beijing, Qianmen, Tiananmen, Wangfujing and other tourist areas, is a "black day" small ads hit. People who send out small ads usually give the passers-by a few small ads, while others throw them on the floor. Daily economic news reporter noted that, therefore, on the back of the small ads are usually printed on the Beijing subway route map, for the first time in Beijing to foreign tourists is quite practical, there are many tourists in the hands of such small ads. Unreasonable low price travel is difficult to cure not only in Beijing, many cities are also unreasonable travel around. During the national day, in Guangzhou Yuexiu Park Wuyang sculpture by the tourist attraction, the reporter also)相关的主题文章: