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The Ministry of Civil Affairs lottery public welfare fund for the rectification rate of 97.2% rosstallanma

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: lottery public welfare fund for the rectification rate of 97.2% in February 20, 2013, Shanghai, China welfare lottery sales. The visual map Chinese yesterday, the Ministry of civil affairs, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the State Bureau for letters, the National Federation of trade unions, the Ministry of drying out the inspection rectification report, so far, the 36 session of the eighteen central patrol areas and units of the ninth round of inspections were informed of rectification. Currently, the eighteen round of the central inspection tour is underway, the scope of the tenth round of inspections are also the same as the 36 places and units of the tenth. For the two months ago, after the central inspection team visited the Ministry of civil affairs, Ministry of Civil Affairs pointed out the existence of welfare lottery management issues, the Ministry of civil affairs in the party "on patrol rectification briefing" is described in detail in the rectification of lottery public welfare fund, said by some provinces and cities taking, misappropriation and illegal use of public welfare lottery change the public welfare fund, the rectification rate has reached 97.2%. [] the Ministry of Civil Affairs on welfare funds misappropriated property billion in June last year, the Audit Commission issued 18 provincial lottery funds audit report, said found lottery funds amounted to 16 billion 932 million yuan. The Audit Commission also released the "main problem of lottery funds audit found" list, also revealed serious problems in lottery issuance management. Some local lottery issuing department with the lottery funds to engage in excessive government spending, the decoration of office buildings, involving hundreds of billions of funds, such as the Dalian welfare lottery center, Zhejiang Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, Hubei Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, respectively, using the lottery issuance costs 150 million yuan, 132 million yuan, 138 million 980 thousand yuan, beyond the standard purchase of office buildings. Audit reveals the issue of lottery funds attracted attention from all walks of life. Last December, the NPC Standing Committee, thematic inquiry audit rectification, the NPC Standing Committee Yin Zhongqing to the Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo and other officials, "very angry" expression of the NPC Standing Committee members feel. In response to these problems, the Ministry of civil affairs, said the party has issued a notice to supervise and urge the audit of the 18 provinces to carry out rectification look back, at present, the issue of funds rectification rate has reached 97.2%. Rectification has not yet been in place for individual problems, is to ensure the rectification of the legal means and other means. Investment units directly under the Ministry of 2 Hotel billion to build it is worth noting that the Ministry of civil affairs of the public welfare fund was also found problems. Central inspection team pointed out that the Ministry of civil affairs level public welfare management is not standardized, a number of projects to declare the lack of demonstration review, pointing to the inaccurate. Last June, the Audit Commission has disclosed that the Ministry of civil affairs units directly under the China Welfare Lottery Management Center and its subsidiaries, the name of the illegal training base in Mount Huangshan to build a hotel, with a total investment of 222 million 405 thousand and 600 yuan. The party said the Ministry of civil affairs, including the above problems rectification measures: strengthening the Ministry of civil affairs the lottery budget preparation; revised department level lottery central project and review the relevant provisions, experts from 145 central level project evaluation experts library, comprehensive review 2017 all budget reporting project; establishment Ministry of sound level lottery use performance evaluation and supervision system. The report also showed Shu相关的主题文章: