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The man do when the business was too ugly being returned in alarm-misao

The man do "when the business was too ugly to return was angry alarm" she "tall, wearing a head shawl hair, has been" customer "abandon ugly trick prostitute, huff actually reported to the police. The Public Security Bureau of Wenzhou Wu Tian Ouhai district police station issued the dresser prostitution case, three men have been involved in administrative detention. On the morning of October 6th, Da police station received a police wear, said the city a hotel brawl. "When we arrived there was no fighting, and the police officer was suspected of prostitution," he said." Police will be summoned to the police station. Wearing a woman’s dress, wearing high heels, admitted to the police that he was a prostitute. However, the police household registration information shows that the 31 year old is a man wearing a man, from Lishui, Qingtian. According to Dai said, the same day in the morning, she was contacted by people living in the vicinity of the hotel near the city of Cangnan, a young man in, said it can provide sexual services. The two sides agreed to the price of 300 yuan, with a taxi to Yang’s room. After wearing a room, found that there are friends in the room and the presence of a friend Wang Wang, another lady, they asked the lady’s charges." The police, Yang found that other charges are far higher than their own, we proposed to increase the price to 500 yuan, while Yang but despise its ugly, denial of service. Daimou immediately threatened to alarm, but also to find someone to kill them, Yang et al have rushed out of the room. The police investigation, confirmed that Yang, Wang prostitution facts, respectively in the process of administrative detention for 12 days, 10 days. Daimou settled the price but did not provide services, if the circumstances are relatively minor, sentenced to 4 days of administrative detention. Because of wearing a claim to women, with the household registration information does not match, the police finally arrange the men and women of two law enforcement officers to check and confirm for the men to be put in prison. The law for same-sex compulsive behavior was not identified as rape, homosexual transactions constitute prostitution? Wenzhou Lvxie punishment committee deputy director Wang Qingshan introduced: prostitution of others refers to money, property for the media, an improper sexual relationship and not specific between heterosexual or homosexual behavior. Others here also include men. Previously, Nanjing, Xining and other places have cracked a number of cases of same-sex prostitution. As to provide services such as masturbation, the current criminal law and the relevant judicial interpretations are not clearly defined as criminal acts. According to the principle of a legally prescribed punishment for a specified crime, such conduct is not recognized as a crime. However, such acts are obviously detrimental to the social management order, with a certain degree of social harm, should be investigated and dealt with by the relevant authorities.相关的主题文章: