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The judicial examination may make the enrollment record-aptana studio

The judicial examination may make the enrollment record "Scott grandpa" of Xuzhou’s largest candidates to test age! Candidates before going to brush face identity. September 24th to 25, two days of the fifteenth national judicial exam started. Jiangsu a total of 35 thousand candidates qualified to participate in the examination, distributed in the 1171 examination room. This year, Jiangsu has stepped up efforts to prevent cheating in the exam, all candidates must brush face to enter the examination room, and the entire examination process the implementation of wireless signal shielding measures. The national judicial examination is called "the best in all the land test", it is like a bridge — the only through, to move towards the judges and prosecutors, lawyers and other legal occupation. This year the exam, is likely to be the national judicial examination "farewell". Yangzi Evening News correspondent Zhang Quanlian Huang Tao all media reporter Yu Yingjie enrollment record entry must follow the safe passage of the national judicial examination is one of the most important national exam, because next year the national most likely policy, adjust and improve the conditions apply, so there are many applicants in Jiangsu this year, enrollment in accordance with the conditions of the growth of more than 35 thousand people, nearly 20% more than last year, the number of applicants ranked fourth in the country, a new record high. It is reported that this year the judicial examination time for 24 days, 25 days, two days, divided into four papers, the first three volumes is an objective test, a test of comprehensive knowledge, Volume II examination of criminal and administrative legal system, the volume of reference system of civil and commercial law, when the exam is 3 hours long; the subjective test is. Case analysis, legal documents, discussion, examination of 3 hours and a half. The Justice Department official said that this year the number of candidates, the examination of many of the high security requirements, this year in Jiangsu city as a unit, set up 13 test areas, 24 test sites, a total of 1171 room. The largest Nanjing area, set up 6 test sites, more than 9300 candidates. Suzhou test area is located 4 sites, 3 in Xuzhou, Wuxi is 2, other areas of the 1 sites. To prevent and combat cheating, 1171 standardized exam made full use of the national judicial exam tube safety management system, open video inspection, monitoring system, equipped with metal detectors, wireless signal shielding and blocking detection equipment, ensure that "all the time" and "full coverage", the strict supervision of the implementation of the examination discipline, to prevent and combat high-tech cheating. Yangzi Evening News reporter saw in Nanjing city in twenty-nine sites outside the examination room is equipped with a wireless signal to monitor the car, in order to capture the abnormal signal. All candidates before entering the road, you must take the safe passage, one by one under the guidance of the staff face recognition, that is, brush face, must identity card, ticket and I agree to pass information. If some of the candidates because of the appearance and photos of relatively large differences, for example because of bangs, cosmetic or wearing glasses, brush face pass, the staff will be allowed by the signature, and then take a more detailed investigation of measures to prevent discrimination, to "test" phenomenon. The same day, Nanjing did not find cheating candidates.相关的主题文章: