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The German candy was charged with nettle and was punished by the Administration-www.277.cc

Germany SciTech department store had been sued for candy containing nettle Urtica candy German administrative penalties for ten times the compensation of consumers buy Mr. Zhou found that the German fruit sugar containing "nettle" component, the Internet that nettle does not belong to the ordinary food, he ordered the vendors Beijing SciTech department store company to court, ask for the return of the purchase price of 1296.6 yuan and ten times the compensation of 12966 yuan. Beijing morning news reporter yesterday was informed that the court of first instance of Chaoyang Court decided to support Mr. Zhou’s lawsuit request. Imported candy has nettles in July 22, 2014 and July 26th, Mr. Zhou has purchased 20 bottles of fruit flavored sugar from Germany in two times, with a total price of 1296.6 yuan. The Chinese label of the outer packing of the product indicated that the ingredients included coloring plant powder (beetroot, Jiang Huang, spinach, nettle) and so on. Mr. Zhou said, after his home, reminded by his family, the ingredients in the ingredients nettle ingredients. Through the Internet query, it is known that nettle does not belong to ordinary food and food raw materials, and has potential safety hazard in common food. Mr. Zhou to the Chaoyang District food and drug administration, the other side of the company to make administrative penalties, confirmed that the above products do not meet the national standards for food safety. To this end, Mr. Zhou in accordance with the "food safety law" prosecution requirements, Seth company returned the purchase price of 1296.6 yuan and ten times compensation of 12966 yuan. The department store said that the product was imported food, and qualified for inspection and quarantine after import and export. The manufacturer’s advice is also qualified and meets export requirements. In addition, after consulting the literature, nettle has a history of edible in China, so the opinion given by the food and drug administration is not established. And whether the nettle can be added as food raw materials, the State Health Planning Commission did not give a clear opinion. It is reported that the defendant was administrative penalties, in August 4, 2014, the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection and quarantine had issued to Mr. Zhou government information public notice stated, according to the national health and Family Planning Commission issued the "new food safety review materials management approach", the traditional eating habits, refers to some kind of food in the province area within 30 years the above is a typical or non standardized packaged food production and operation history, and not included in the "People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia", due to the current did not inquire into the nettle with traditional eating habits in China, the inspection and quarantine agencies determine which does not belong to ordinary food, should not be added to the candy and other food in general. Chaoyang District food and Drug Administration in October 21, 2014, issued a written decision on the administrative penalty to the poll, stated the nettle does not belong to ordinary food, should not be added to the candy and other food in general, Sitel’s behavior constitutes a business does not conform to the food safety standards of food violations, according to the provisions of the "food safety law", decided to give administrative penalty of confiscation of illegal income 136.55 yuan, a fine of 5000 yuan. The court decided ten times compensation, the court heard that, in accordance with the provisions of the food safety law, although the products involved in the country of origin for Germany, but should also comply with China’s national standards for food safety, in this food shall not be added

赛特百货德国糖果含荨麻被诉 此前曾被行政处罚   德国糖果含荨麻 消费者获十倍赔偿   周先生发现其购买的德国水果糖含有“荨麻”成分,经上网查询得知荨麻不属于普通食品,他遂将销售商北京赛特百货有限公司告上法庭,要求对方返还货款1296.6元并十倍赔偿其12966元。北京晨报记者昨天获悉,朝阳法院一审判决支持了周先生的诉讼请求。   进口糖果有荨麻   2014年7月22日、7月26日,周先生先后两次在赛特公司处购买了20瓶产自德国的世安水果味糖,总价共计1296.6元。产品外包装中文标签处标明产品配料中包括着色用植物粉(甜菜根、姜黄、菠菜、荨麻)等。   周先生说,他回家后经家人提醒才发现,该产品配料里有荨麻成分。经上网查询,得知荨麻不属于普通食品及食品原料,用在普通食品里存在安全隐患。周先生向朝阳区食品药品监督管理局反映,对方后对赛特公司作出行政处罚,证实上述产品不符合食品安全国家标准。为此,周先生依据《食品安全法》起诉要求赛特公司返还货款1296.6元并十倍赔偿12966元。   赛特百货公司表示,该产品是进口食品,经过进出口检验检疫为合格。生产商给出的意见也是产品合格,符合出口条件。此外,经查询文献资料,荨麻在中国具有食用历史,因此食药监局给出的意见依据不成立。且关于荨麻是否可以作为食品原料予以添加,国家卫计委未给出明确意见。   被告曾被行政处罚   据悉,2014年8月4日,国家质量监督检验检疫总局曾向周先生出具政府信息公开告知书,载明根据国家卫生和计划生育委员会发布的《新食品原料安全性审查管理办法》,传统食用习惯,是指某种食品在省辖区域内有30年以上作为定型或者非定型包装食品生产经营的历史,并且未载入《中华人民共和国药典》,由于目前未查询到荨麻在我国具有传统食用习惯,检验检疫机构判定其不属于普通食品,不得随意添加到糖果等普通食品中。   朝阳区食药监局也于2014年10月21日,向赛特公司出具行政处罚决定书,载明荨麻不属于普通食品,不得随意添加到糖果等普通食品中,赛特公司的行为构成了经营不符合食品安全标准食品的违法行为,依据《食品安全法》的规定,决定给予没收违法所得136.55元、罚款5000元的行政处罚。   法院判决十倍赔偿   法院经审理认为,根据《食品安全法》之规定,涉案产品虽然原产地为德国,但也应当符合我国食品安全国家标准,在该款食品中不得添加药品,如果需要添加按照传统既是食品又是中药材的物质,则应该按照国务院卫生行政部门制定、公布的目录予以认定。   荨麻虽然在目前已公布的《既是食品又是药品的物品名单》、《可用于保健食品的物品名单》、《保健食品禁用的物品名单》中均未包含在内,但是国家质量监督检验检疫总局根据国家卫生和计划生育委员会发布的《新食品原料安全性审查管理办法》,向原告出具政府信息公开告知书,认定目前未查询到荨麻在我国具有传统食用习惯,判定其不属于普通食品,不得随意添加到糖果等普通食品中。   据此,朝阳区食药监局对赛特公司作出了行政处罚,上述告知书以及行政处罚具有相应法律效力,可以佐证赛特公司属于销售明知是不符合食品安全标准的食品。据此,法院判令被告退还周先生货款1296.6元,并十倍赔偿其12966元。   北京晨报记者 颜斐 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: