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The future is wearing a coat of iron man, eating drones mentalist

The future is: in iron man’s coat, eating the UAV machine robot to complete the world’s first eye surgery recently, British surgeon and robot cooperative work carried out an operation, different with the past we hear robotic surgery, the surgical robot position is less than 24 mm in diameter in the eyes of the robot successfully from the eyes in the retina removed a layer of only 0.01 mm thick film. [source: BBC] patients who received surgery was a minister of British local Oxford, named William Beaver, 70 years old this year, before the surgery, his right eye retina grew out of a membrane, and lead to the injury of retina, there was a small hole. After examination, Beaver need to pay close attention to this film to remove it, or will cause further impact eyes. But want to do surgery remove this layer of film is very high, because the film thickness is only 0.01 mm, in close retinal position, remove it and how not to damage the retina became a problem. After research, Professor MacLaren decided to use the robot to complete the operation, he believes that the robot can be completed beyond the reach of human hands can achieve accuracy. A robot operation, the whole process will be more simple, the surgeon only need to hand lever, and use the touch screen to manipulate the robot, at the same time from the microscope and dynamic monitoring of retinal surgery can be. This is the first time in human history, the use of robots for eye surgery, robot in the field of precision surgery has a breakthrough in the field. South Africa R & D water "junk" machine from South Africa entrepreneur Richard · Hardiman (Richard Hardiman) is committed to a "junk shark" (WasteShark) of the water in the UAV, near the port of independent parade, and the way to "eat" out more than and 400 pounds (about 180kg) of the ocean garbage. In addition to collecting garbage, WasteShark also has the ability to collect data, such as water quality, depth and weather conditions, etc., these data can be sent to the port in real time. At present, the robot has two types of Fatboy and Slim. Hardiman’s team has signed a contract with Rotterdam, which plans to expand the technology around the world. Moreover, they are also developing a larger solar powered "450kg" (Great WasteShark), when one can devour more than 1 thousand pounds (about) of garbage. Will there be a large number of workers who have lost their jobs? The future iron man’s coat steel become reality Toni · stark (Tony Stark) has become a super hero, his set of our cool high-tech armor contributed, but in reality there are companies in the "iron man armor" similar products..相关的主题文章: