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The first 821 Xiaolong LETV why not proud? The Sohu of science and technology in September 21st, LETV in Beijing Shangri-La hotel has released the world’s first mass-produced Qualcomm snapdragon 821 mobile phone Le Pro 3. LETV pay special attention to the mobile phone, because this is a new series of LETV mobile phone, can be described as a new starting point for the music. The person in charge of a number of departments as the person at the scene to cheer for the new series of listing, such as the holding of senior vice president, LETV mobile president Feng Xing, LETV holding vice chairman, LETV TV Internet business group president, film music as CEO Zhao, LETV sports founder and CEO Lei Zhenjian, LETV holding vice chairman, network the wine network CEO Li Rui attended the conference, from the aspects of ecology, ecology, LETV mobile sports ecology, live music about the mobile phone, the popular actor Lin update youth also arrived to wish the mobile phone sales. Le Pro3 both technology and configuration are worthy of praise, in addition to Xiaolong 821 equipped, other aspects such as ultrafast transport 6GB, 4070mAh large capacity battery, 5.5 inches of the industry’s most thin body is only 7.5mm, LETV patent design hidden key bright screen LOGO second Home key drawing process highlights ultra high precision the music Pro constantly attracted the audience’s applause and exclaimed. After the end of the conference, Feng Xing and other new media around the exchange. The first 821 Xiaolong "not happy"? LETV said, Le Pro3 is the world’s first Xiaolong 821 processor of a mobile phone production, music as the 500 thousand spot for. Xiaolong 820 is made up of LETV starting for the first 821 Xiaolong this matter, in the outside world, first released Xiaolong 821 is the biggest competition Le Pro3, and generally think that it is of great significance to the music, but the music seems to grab the hair it look very pale, as Feng Xing said, "no what considerations, mature hair." Thus, as the music does not feel how much glory, because in his view, 821 is not music as the production, which is not the core technology of China’s mobile phone brands. Therefore, although the first 821 is a reflection of the overall strength of the music, but the music really want to transfer to consumers is the other side of things, starting 821 seems to be just a matter of icing on the cake. Even in the entire conference and communicate with the media in the music for Xiaolong 821 or le Pro3 hardware configuration does not do this too much to mention, but the content of ecological spent great length. All along, the industry is a very high degree for the pursuit of the snapdragon processor. The first type can naturally attracted great attention, because both the snapdragon 820 or 821, are representative of the current strongest processor performance, only the flagship models will be equipped with the starting model, is often the most powerful performance in the mobile phone, the corresponding prices are very high. However, the price of 1799 yuan from the music Pro3 triggered a public sigh. Do not want to lose money in the phone which triggered a question, in fact, has always been a right相关的主题文章: