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The domestic and foreign restaurant in Gobi city the Silk Road city of Wuwei urged the new network i jiqingwuyuetian

The domestic and foreign restaurant in Gobi city the Silk Road city of Wuwei urged zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in cooperation in Gansu September 7 Wuwei Xinhua (reporter Liu Yutao Wei Jianjun) 6, the sixth session of the China? Hexi Corridor organic grape wine festival in Gansu Wuwei opening, from the domestic and foreign electronic commerce, brand building, Wine and other experts in the field, "the restaurant" Gansu gathered in Wuwei, wine tasting, the exchange of learning, looking for business opportunities. The wine festival theme of wine city to meet a total of open cooperation". Gansu vice governor Li Rongcan said that Gansu is one of the national wine grape production area, hope that the Hexi Corridor organic grape wine festival as a platform to share development opportunities, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and constantly improve the market awareness of organic Wine, expand the Hexi Corridor organic Wine brand awareness. Li Rongcan said, with the in-depth implementation of the strategy of Silk Road Economic Belt, state of the Gansu as an important portal opening to the West and the sub regional cooperation strategy base, Gansu by remote inland to expand the opening to the front, facing a historic opportunity for development. The Hexi Corridor is the golden channel of the ancient Silk Road, is the earliest China grape cultivation area, after 30 years of development, the Hexi Corridor has become an important national wine grape planting base, Wine Hexi Corridor became the national geographical indications protection products, the Silk Road city of Wuwei Chinese Food Industry Association named "China Wine city". September 6th, the Sixth China? Organic grape wine festival opens in Gansu, Wuwei. Pictured guests attending the festival tasting wine, exchange. Yang Yanmin photo in recent years, Gansu to strengthen planning guidance, to promote industrial clustering, and vigorously support the construction of small wine characteristics, and promote the province’s wine industry, branding, diversified development. At present, Gansu wine grape planting area reached 300 thousand hectares, ranking fourth in the country, Wine production and 13 supporting enterprises, production capacity reached 150 thousand tons, the market throughout the 31 provinces in China and Japan and South Korea, Malaysia and other countries and regions. The Greek embassy minister Nur said Malaysia good company? Well, like Wuwei, Greece is also a long history of Wine. The advantage of Wuwei and Hexi Corridor is very obvious, because of its special geographical position, China has become an important area in the East and West passage. Wuwei is a bustling metropolis on the Silk Road, but also the center of political, economic and cultural exchanges between East and west. Good company? Um Ma Nur said, "this China Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, provide a more broad space for the development of Greek and Chinese communication development, especially in the same Wine cradle, we are willing to continue to promote the traditional friendship, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Wuwei, the depth of cooperation and promote the development of Wine more field. (end)相关的主题文章: