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The Difference Between Marble Polishing And Waxing-vy canis majoris

Marketing Mable polishing is a process before stone care crystal surface treatment, or the last one of the stone light board processing program. its one of the most important process in stone care, and it is also different from the traditional cleaning ,waxing and polishing in the cleaning business scope. First, essential difference 1.The marble polishing is a necessary process in stone processing. The main principle is to use the synthesis of inorganic acids, metal oxides, and other substances to suppress block grinding with mechanical disc pressure, high speed grinding force, friction, heat, and the role of water in the smooth marble surface and formed new bright crystal layer under physics, chemistry chemosynthesis. The layer has a super bright and clear luminosity , its brightness can reach 90-100 degrees, and is also a crystal layer of the modified .pound on the stone surface(1-2mm thick). 2.Marble cleaning is prelude of waxing and polishing. Its essence is covered by a thin coating of an acrylic resin and emulsion polymer in the newly paved stone(polished boards), that is we often say that water wax or floor wax. After a high-speed and low-pressure polishing machine with fiber mat in stone surface friction ,the resin coating be.e more bright. 3.Marble surface polishing is a process with the physical and chemical chemosynthesis. Stone surface .bined with the underlying as a whole and there is no release layer. 4.The wax layer is adhered to the stone surface, the layer is a layer of resin film, and there is no re.bination reactions with the stone itself. You can cut away the wax film on the stone surface with blade. Second, the difference of appearance 1.After stone care polishing , the stone has high luminosity ,high-definition, wear resistant, and not easy to scratch. 2.After stone waxing , the luminosity of stone is low and vague, can not wear and no water resistant , whats more, easily scratched, oxidized yellowing , and reduce the image of the stone. Third, Extension of the operating differences 1.With the continuity of care of crystal layer (.monly known as crystal face care) after polishing, its pore does not .pletely close, and the stone can still inside breathable that not easy to lesions. It also has a certain waterproof, antifouling effect. 2.After marble waxing, stone pore is .pletely closed, stone material can’t breathe freely inside, so stone easy to produce lesions. 3.Stone grinding block polishing crystal layer galleries and continuous nursing has operability. Without cleaning agent on the ground, you can directly mill grinding and polishing the block with the clean water and Pharmacy dry grinding. 4.Polished marble waxing, after a period of time, you need to get rid of the dilapidated wax layer by using water from the wax. Fourth, the practical significance After marble polishing , the luminosity of up to 90-100 degrees, restore the luminosity of the stone factory, realized the value of the stone reproduction. Yunfu He Jing Stone Industry .pany Limited is a registered by the relevant state departments of enterprises. We pay attention to the credit and excellent service. We hope you can join us and established long-term relations of cooperation with us. Products: About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: