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The charm of trade Ma dialogue Malaysia Premier Naguib – Sohu Technology tataufo

"Trade charm" Ma dialogue Malaysia Prime Minister Naguib – Sohu of science and technology in November 4th, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib during his visit to Chinese during a separate depth talks with Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma, Ma and was invited as Malaysia government figures of economic advisers. During the talks, Naguib raised the concept of digital hub, Ma previously proposed eWTP highly fit in the Ehub, the two sides plan to work together in the construction of cooperation in Malaysia. Naguib also invited Ma next year to visit Malaysia, together as the free trade area of the digital opening. Ma Yun said in the talks, Alibaba will support the construction of Malay data center, the development of cloud computing. Ma Yun also suggested to Naguib that Malaysia could develop four E, Epayment, Ecity, eGovernment, and ecommence; recommend Malaysia to build a cashless society. The same day, Ali also travel with the Malaysia National Tourism Bureau in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation, Naguib and Ma two people at the scene through the mobile phone scan code, start the trip on the Malaysia Pavilion ali. "Alibaba is the world’s outstanding enterprises, creating a remarkable miracle, Malaysia is very excited to have this important opportunity to focus on cooperation with the Alibaba, Malaysia China consumer promotion." Naguib said at the strategic cooperation ceremony. Naguib also praised the upcoming double 11, said many online consumers looking forward to the double 11 is coming, I believe that with the Alibaba group online market continues to grow, will break through last year’s sales performance this year. I am pleased that the Malaysia Pavilion is part of this year’s carnival. Ma Yun said that the Silk Road to China’s tea sold around the world, but how to save a problem, and tin is a good moisture-proof material. Without Malaysia tin, China’s tea can not go to Europe, perhaps there is no silk road; no Chinese tea, Malaysia tin industry will not become the world’s first in eighteenth Century. "This is the charm of trade. Trade is the achievement of each other, so that each other’s success, the real trade is a happy thing for everyone. In the future we can continue this kind of cooperation on the Silk Road, just like tea and tin." Ma Yun said that in the past with Malaysia is tea and tin, and now is the trade and trust. Over the past year, through Ali travel platform, to Malaysia Chinese tourists doubled over last year.相关的主题文章: