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The car was locked in the trunk of two girls died of suffocation-dataload

The car was locked in the trunk of two girls died of suffocation and locked in the trunk of the car distressed two girls died of suffocation in 8 days, the Chengdu Daily reporter came to the client even to the town of Mianzhu five village. Ling Ling’s grandfather and grandmother at home, two elderly face sad, a few relatives and friends in the presence of two elderly. Ling Ling’s father did not want to go to the homes of relatives moved by sight. A small farm house stocked with a Volkswagen Jetta car, car tail box, all the door open. The living room is quiet, in addition to TV "journey to the west" sound, no one spoke, picture from time to time Sun Wukong funny moments, but no one can laugh. And not far from the Ling Ling family is the cousin Xixi, like Ling Ling, Xi Xi family is also a sad face. Before the accident, Lingling in Mianzhu read the third grade, cousin Xixi read the first grade at the local school. "If this tragedy does not happen, 8 is the day when the two dolls should go to school." In Lingling’s home, Grandpa Tang recalled the scene of the pain. On the afternoon of October 3rd, the adults in the Ling Ling family party chat, Ling Ling and Xi together at home to play. "4 points have also heard two kids in the yard downtown, soon lost." Tang, 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the parents suddenly found two children disappeared, looking unsuccessful. "I called my son drove to the village next door to see." Tang introduced, around 18, when his son was ready to go out to find the car, found parked in the yard of the car placed in the wrong location. "The car was found in the sunglasses position is wrong, he said" was ", he quickly opened the trunk, two dolls lying on the trunk of the car." Mr. Tang recalled, his son opened the trunk of the car, found two children curled up in the trunk, the body burns, faint signs of life. Ling Ling’s grandfather that day with his son home to relatives and friends, car car keys on the pillow, Ling Ling and Xixi should find the car keys in the course of the play, remote control and opened the door into the car, then opened the trunk. Grandpa Ling Ling told reporters that the trunk lid is pressed and will automatically lock. Two children play in the trunk may be unconsciously pulled down the lid, was locked in the trunk. Due to the lack of vehicle cognition, two children were bored in the trunk for more than 1 hours before being discovered. At the end of the interview, Mr. Tang said: "I hope love car owners and parents of children learn a lesson, this is a lesson of blood. I don’t want this tragedy to happen again."相关的主题文章: